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The Arcona team invites the Minter community to participate in the first public vote.


As we planned, all important decisions on integrating our project into the Minter network will be made jointly with the community.

Minter community activists proposed to vote for the possibility of increasing the revard fund for the next stage of farming from 0.5% to 1%.

In the next 3 months, farming will increase the circulation supply a bit  more than it was planned before. However, the increased liquidity could quickly integrate Arcona into the Minter network and attract new token holders.

We invite you to vote to raise remuneration rates to 1% for farming in the ARCONA / MUSD pool, which will open on July 2 and last for 90 days.

If you agree with the proposal and want to vote, enter your Minter wallet address where your LP-311 liquidity tokens are located.

Voting conditions:

  • The owners of LP-311 liquidity tokens take part in the voting.

  • One vote will be equal to one liquidity token.

Voting will finished 30 June.

The results will be published on July 1st. A decision to raise interest rates will be considered community approved if 51% of all LPs in the liquidity pool vote as of June 30th.  If the rate does not change, let's leave it at 0.5%.

Vote will end in:



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