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  • What Is the Arcona Digital Land?
    It is a global augmented reality layer automatically generated by our platform all across the globe. In fact, it is a virtual mold of the planet’s surface, each meter of which is perfectly tied to a specific location in the physical world. It is a plot fully prepared for interactive content remote placement. That is how, being in new York, you can easily get a parcel of land in the Central square of Mexico city and run an interactive show there, literally from the comfort of your home. The entire Digital Land layer is divided into separate sections – hexagonal plots of 100 square meters. The coordinates of each plot are designated and set in a decentralized database of the Arcona and listed in the smart contract.
  • How to buy a plot of the Digital Land?
    Open the world map. Choose a location Zoom in to see the hexagonal grid. Click on any free plot and pay
  • How can I use my Digital Land?
    The owner of such a Digital Land plot can use it as they wish: implement own projects or grant other developers – tenants – that right. They can change the world on the lawn in their front yard or run a serious project on other continent. The basic feature of digital land as a commodity is the possibility of buying not the land itself, but the income brought by the land. Interesting AR projects in popular places means thousands of users. You can set up a paid attraction and make money from each user, and you can organise an incredible virtual show which catches the attention of a large number of people and make a profit from advertisers. Therefore, the more the users on your land, the higher the revenue and the value of the land.
  • Why Buy Digital Land?
    Land owners get an exceptional opportunity to earn money on the resale of their property inside and outside the system, leasing, and most importantly, to develop and equip their territories. Each piece of Digital Land is associated with a specific location in the physical world. These may be the most famous places on the planet, where thousands of people come every day - the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Colosseum, Manhattan. Or there may be convenient sites near your home. Here you can attract real users to arrange AR shows, presentations, online stores, and create games for them. And do it remotely. That is, being in your hometown, you can easily launch projects anywhere in the world. On the Digital Land, you can organize a paid attraction and receive income from each user, or you can arrange a virtual show that will attract the attention of a huge number of people and profit from interested advertisers.
  • How can i earn money on the Digital Land?
    It all depends on the location of your site and the projects that you offer to users. So in London, about 8.5 million people live, and about 19 million tourists come. Any of them can become your potential viewer. You can organize a paid attraction and receive income from each user, or you can arrange an incredible virtual show that will attract the attention of a huge number of people and profit from interested advertisers. On the Digital Land, you can organize a paid attraction and receive income from each user, or you can arrange a virtual show that will attract the attention of a huge number of people and profit from interested advertisers. If you are far from creative experiments with augmented reality, then choose plots in the most promising areas: in business districts, historical centers, on shopping streets. Such lands are always in demand - they can be profitably sold or leased to those who want to develop an interactive business.
  • What content can be posted on Arcona lands:
    You can upload your 3D models or purchased from external resources, in particular on the largest portal for storage of virtual content Sketchfab. Basic requirements for authoring content: content in the AR browser is loaded at runtime. To create an AR project, you need a mobile ready 3D model up to 100 MB in size. Low poly and mobile shaders are preferred. Texture size - up to 2048 x 2048, preferably 1024 x 1024. Model format: GLTF, GLB or FBX for AssetBundles. A scene packed in AssetBundles includes the main prefab, all models, textures, shaders, animations, etc. FBX / Unity animation is supported. The current implementation is using Unity 2020.3.
  • How can I run AR projects on my Digital Land plot?
    The most important thing is an interesting idea and access to digital land on the Arcona platform. You can buy any land you want from the system or rent from an owner if that land is already occupied. Then you can create content and install it on your land. This is easy to do since the digital land is fully ready for remote placement and management of virtual objects.
  • How to use API
    Let us explain how it works in general: - Arcona designed as an unified app which displays AR content from different providers, some kind of web-browser - as in web-browser, content must be loaded in the app runtime, from online storages - Unity provides format of Asset Bundles for such runtime loading - but Asset Bundles cannot include C# scripts, they being stripped by Unity during a build of a bundle, which is logical because there is no way to check if those script conflict with the scripts of an app - so our basic scenario is to have content just with looped animations - in some cases we add interactions on our side, like in the Mosquito scene, which itself doesnt contain any interaction. - our suggestion is - you make all the necessary animations and add them to animation controllers. So a controller contains a main, default loop, and additional states, which we may later trigger from our app
  • Single sign-on to the Arcona metaverse
    ACCOUNT REGISTRATION Right now you can connect a crypto wallet to get a unique ID in the Arcona metaverse and set up your profile in your Personal Account 1. Open the Arcona WEB portal 2. Login using WEB 3.0 and crypto wallet (ETH or BSC) 3. Open the Profile page 4. Add a nickname, 5. Upload a profile icon 6. Install Title's NFT to add it to your nickname 7. Optionally, in the "Bio" section, add your "slogan" or any short information about yourself. Your profile will be displayed on the portal and in the Arcona AR World app after you connect your account REGISTRATION OF THE MOBILE APP Install the mobile application for iOS or Android smartphones. Download IOS app Before starting Create an account in Apple Game Center Download Android App Before starting, create an account in Google Play Games 1. Open the start page of the Arcona AR World app 2. Get the code at the starting field in the AR world To do this, find the 3D model of an ATM with the inscription TAP TO GET CODE, touch the 3D model, get the code and save it in any messenger. 3. Return to the site and add the code to the profile in the appropriate line.
  • What is the Arcona project about?
    Since 2018 Arcona® XR Metaverse is a planetary augmented reality space for the remote placement of geo-referenced AR/MR projects anywhere in the physical world. The Metaverse concept is a simple set of user tools that do not require any programming skills or investment in technology and infrastructure. The user can create their own augmented and mixed reality space with these tools WEB 3.0 digital identity and blockchain-based economy enable a wide community of independent AR/MR developers to make money on the P2P market and reliably protect their intellectual property rights. Traveling through the world of Arcona Metareality is similar to surfing the Internet: user AR territories are thematic 3D sites deployed on a real landscape. For correct positioning, an AR anchor cloud is used, created by ArconaCore spatial computing algorithms.
  • Is Arcona AR Core a software?
    Arcona AR Core technology platform designed to digitise the surface of the planet and create a planetary layer of augmented reality. The Arcona® X-Reality metaverse is an augmented reality planetary layer that is a global network of sites tied to Earth's geographic coordinates. Each section of the network is a cell of 100 square meters ready for remote placement of user content on the surface of planet Earth.
  • What is the key advantage of Arcona
    Arcona is focused on remote positioning of virtual content and lowering the threshold of entering the AR market by making it faster and cheaper. Arcona Core is more than a development framework like ARCore or ARKit, but a fully-featured ecosystem which allows the creation of AR experiences without coding - AR content can be placed remotely, using just a web browser. Arcona solution is an independent cross-platform and not tied to Google or Apple services - the core library is written in C++ and 3D/UI module is based on Unity. Additionally, the core library is designed with shared/multi-user AR approach in mind, provides both outdoor/indoor usage scenarios, and works in low-light conditions. VIO/SLAM, based on sensor fusion of image data with IMU and GPS - performs accurate positioning and distance measuring using sensor data of smartphones and other commodity hardware; Cloud-based geo-information system with fast algorithms of creating digital plots anywhere in the world and assigning virtual content to them; Cloud-based feature-map/relocalization system which utilizes sensor data collected during user sessions or taken from publicly available datasets. This allows us to eliminate GPS inaccuracy and provide shared AR experience by using visual recognition and geometry alignment. As an extension of the feature map system, we can create dense 3D models for visualization, passing the data which we collected and aligned to photogrammetry software like Photoscan/Metashape
  • Do I need any special hardware to access this platform?
    Users of iOS/Android smartphones with the official Arcona® X-Reality metaverse augmented reality browser installed have access to user content in real geographic coordinates. The platform can be ported to any kind of AR glasses. Arcona Metaverse provides software as a service so that AR project creators can offer their consumers a product without additional investment in creating technology and infrastructure.
  • What kinds of content can I visit in this platform?
    Any interactive 3D and 2D content, and video stream. All content is downloaded runtime. The creators of AR projects can store author's content in the form of NFT and WNFT independently, on their own servers and publish in AR space.
  • Games in XR Space seems like the Pokemon Go? Or it seems more like google street view plus some interactive content
    Arcona Metaverse is a classic metaverse that is most correctly compared with Second Life, that is, it is a constructor of custom AR projects of any format. Our technical solutions allow to launch projects not only for professional developers, but also for ordinary users. It can be a sort of PokemonGo and even World of Tanks, but on the open air, on the real street - not like virtual street view. We merge the virtual content and the real world in one digital space, where the users can interact with the content outside. In Arcona metaverse, you can use the NFT of third-party tokenized projects.
  • Can users without any programming skills do that?
    If you are not able to render your content on your own, you can find suitable objects on the marketplace or order from 3D artists and developers that are members of our system. The ecosystem itself will assist in advertising and marketing your projects.
  • How many projects can run on a single piece of land?
    One physical server can generate one region of digital land measuring 200 х 200 meters. Each piece of land supports a limited number of virtual objects and visitors connected simultaneously. This is called land capacity. You can increase capacity by gathering a pool of several plots in order to support more objects and connect more users. Arcona allows to gather a pool of plots that do not have a common border and transfer the capacity of all plots in the pool to one plot. The transfer of capacity allows the system to generate a layer of augmented reality and bring into active circulation digital land outside high-traffic territory.
  • How do I set up paid demonstration of AR content for people that are not yet Arcona members and do not have your tokens?
    Any user who wants to view project on the Arcona platform has to download the AR Viewer. This application will enable to buy arcona tokens online. Any person can then use these tokens to pay to view or participate in your project. Obviously, any potential customer will need access to the Internet to download the AR Viewer application and pay for the “admission ticket” with tokens.
  • What game projects are working at Arcona?
    Game Gold Rush in Play2Earn format. Install the Arcona XR Metaverse app and go treasure hunt in augmented reality. Open the chests with hidden silver coins. You can use the accumulated wealth for in-game purchases or exchange it for ARCONA tokens. Another exciting AR game in the Play2Earn format Arcona Castles awaits you very soon. Its concept combines revenue pharming in the AR world and gamification with NFT support. The Arcona application takes you to a parallel world, where medieval castles grow against the background of modern landscapes. They are guarded by fire-breathing dragons and other fabulous creatures. You can become the owner of the castle, equip it and accumulate wealth. Each castle has a treasury that generates a regular income for its owner. ' But there are robbers and fantastic creatures in this world who seek to take possession of your castle. So you have to bravely defend your possessions. In the game "Castles of Arcona" you can become a dashing robber, and raid rich fortresses, collecting the well-deserved give from the defeated landlords. Finally, you can join the Freemasons Guild to build the finest castles in the world of Arcona and help defend them. * All castles, characters and attributes of the game "Arcona Castles" are designed in the form of NFT standard ERC-1155. The property rights to them, as well as copyrights are reliably protected. All these tokens can be sold on any NFT marketplaces and used in other blockchain projects without losing value.
  • Why is Arcona XR Metaverse built on blockchain technology?
    Blockchain is the ideal foundation for the economic model of our global metaverse. What in the real world is ensured by the economic and legal laws of different countries, corporate rules and commercial agreements, in the digital worlds is guaranteed by the blockchain. And these guarantees will be universal for any part of the world and absolutely transparent for the participants. Plunging into the metaverse built on the blockchain, you cease to be an ordinary user of the application, you become a co-owner and co-author. You can purchase pieces of space - Digital lands, characters, virtual artifacts. You can create them, sell them, rent them out, give franchises to use your concepts - just like in the real world. Only here will your assets be described in the form of tokens, which confirm the authenticity and your ownership, as well as the right to manage and monetize this asset. Everything that belongs to you in the blockchain metaverse is actually yours in the form of an NFT. And anyone can see the details of any NFT transaction and access the records of who owns what. Blockchain technology is enabling the rapid expansion of the ecosystem through the participation of a large number of interested token holders from all over the world and filling the platform with the most incredible content. The in-system ARCONA token entitles all ecosystem participants to buy and lease plots of Digital Land, create their own projects on them and demonstrate the results of their creativity. In addition, it is the transparency of the blockchain technology and the operation of smart contracts that provides additional guarantees of the ownership rights of the owners of the territories of the Arcona platform, the protection of the copyrights of developers and artists, and also makes all transactions within the system more reliable and transparent.
  • Tokenomics Arcona
    The main asset of Arcona XR Metaverse is the universal information AR layer - Digital Land, where users can independently and remotely (from the workplace) post interactive content anywhere in the world. A ready-to-use web of markers is placed across the planet's surface to anchor interactive content. The open modular architecture allows any third-party solutions to be integrated. You can buy, sell, lease Digital Land in exchange for the ARCONA Token. ARCONA Token - Equivalent to the value of all digital assets in the Arcona metaverse. Using the ARCONA token, you can sell your lands, creative 3D content and software to users, attend interactive exhibitions, buy professional services in the Arcona ecosystem (software code, advertising, content, etc.), participate in promotions, games and special events. - ARCONA is a 100% utility token. The crowdsale of the project ended in July 2018, and the total supply was 15 181 707.01308544976911725 ARCONA. Tokens were distributed as follows: team - 20% (vesting: 5% for 6 months, 5% for 12 months and 10% for 18 months after the completion of the ICO); advisers - 7%; bounty - 2%; reserve fund - 11%; sold to users - 60%. Currently, all ARCONA tokens have been bought out by the community and are in circulation. A fairly even distribution of tokens between holders protects the market value of the token from manipulation by large players, which ensures stability and complete decentralization of the project. Other ecosystem assets such as Digital Land, content or software code are non-fungible ERC 721 tokens. The ownership of these assets, as well as the terms and value or royalties for their use, are recorded in the smart contract. Thus, each piece of Arcona Digital Land is an ARDL token of the ERC-721 standard. Its smart contract contains all the basic characteristics, including an identification number, geographic coordinates, information about current and previous owners. Smart contract: 0xdf5d68d54433661b1e5e90a547237ffb0adf6ec2 In June 2021, at the request of our community, the team launched ARCONA on two parallel blockchain networks - Binance Smart Chain and Minter. At the same time, the total volume of tokens simultaneously in circulation on all blockchains does not exceed 15 million ARCONA. Now our users have more freedom to use Arcona digital assets at various sites, and the project has become more resilient to external influences. In the near future, Arcona will be deployed on several more blockchains.
  • What is the Arcona SLAM engine?
    Arcona SLAM engine is a turnkey solution for precise placement of AR content and binding it to real geo locations with accuracy higher than GPS. Arcona SLAM can be used as an add-on to the popular AR engines like ARKit and ARCore, but also provides its own AR tracking system for custom solutions. Our system has two options for precise geo-localization: 1) correct transformation from the local device coordinate system to the world coordinate system (LWT) using only GPS and compass information; 2) LWT using our 3D maps with spatial anchors. GPS correction with Arcona SLAM engine in wide areas GPS correction using 3D mapping with spatial anchors in Arcona SLAM engine. Our 3D maps are implemented as a set of independent spatial anchors; each anchor consists of visual and geometry elements. Such set of anchors is created from sampled data packages obtained by a mobile device with the standard sensor kit: camera, GPS, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope. Map creation cost is scalable and depends on the anchor quality requirements; thus the map can be created on a powerful server, as well as on a mobile device, “in place”. To solve localization tasks Arcona has a software set consists of the following components: - mobile application to collect and transfer device sensor data; - SLAM engine; - LWT estimator; - spatial anchor creator; - perception unit to recognize the spatial anchors.
  • What is the Arcona Marketplace?
    The Arcona Marketplace is own trading platform, where the participants of the ecosystem can sell and buy digital and intellectual assets. Click the menu item “Digital Land” and choose the most appropriate land plot for your project positioning. It can be bought or rented from another owner. Top areas will be sold at the online auctions, we will announce them in advance. The content menu item is intended for choosing from a range of ready-to-use models or placing an order for the interactive content creation. Your order will be seen by registered in the system 3D artists and developers, also they can offer some ready content to buy. In the ecosystem development section, the platform itself will offer jobs for developers, artists and testers, whose work will be paid from development funds or rewarded with tokens. The following services will be available on the marketplace: purchase and sale of arcona tokens at the average exchange rate; providing licenses for Dev kit for SOFTWARE developers and 3d artists; rent of additional server capacities; platform consulting on technical and legal issues ordering additional advertising, PR and marketing services within the system. In addition, the marketplace will operate internal social network Arcona and will be held all competitions and promotions, as well as announce loyalty programs for token holders. All purchases and orders you pay with arcona tokens, automatically “signing” smart contract.
  • Where to buy ARCONA currency?
    is a single internal currency of the metaverse, which any user needs to pay for all services and goods in the augmented reality world. Arcona tokens can be purchased on different blockchain. You can choose any of CEX and DEX on our currency exchange information page
  • What is NFT Arcona
    Arcona is the only metaverse where you can become a noble by adding an aristocratic title to your name. To the rank of aristocrat, you also receive a 3D coat of arms in the form of a rare titular NFT. This is an award for participation in the creation of the Augmented Reality World, in the development of the economy and the discovery of new lands in the augmented reality world. You will be able to link NFT and title to your account, place a 3D model in your castle in the AR domain to show your status to people in the real world. The NFT Domain is the core of your future land holdings. Each NFT Domain can be exchanged for a group of free plots of Digital Lands, united by a common border, anywhere in the world where you want. The number of sites depends on the value of the Domain token. NFT Arcona is an opportunity to create your own projects in the world of augmented reality on especially favorable terms and take part in all promotions that take place in our Metaverse.
  • How can I deploy my NFT in Augmented Reality World
    Already in the Arcona metaverse, we offer a unique opportunity to independently host and demonstrate your collectible NFTs anywhere in the real world using augmented reality. It can be any artifacts - from pictures of pixelated cryptopunks and cats, to works of art and full-fledged animated 3D models in GLT and GLTF format. And it is very easy to do it in just a couple of clicks. In your personal account on the Arcona portal, you need to register a wallet and select a graphic token. Here, for clarity, they are displayed in 3D mode with animation. Find a suitable piece of land and click the "publish" button. And at this moment, the model described in the smart contract is already seen by viewers thousands of kilometers away from you through a single mobile application. The token itself remains on the owner's wallets, which guarantees complete safety.
  • What is NFT Castles?
    The castle is the citadel of your possessions and a source of permanent income. Install a castle in your domain and the castle treasury will be replenished with a silver coin every day. The amount of daily reward will depend on the level of the castle, title and domain. More info:
  • How i can to own the Castle
    You can buy a castle You can farm the castle
  • What is Nobility Titles of Arcona XR Metaversee
    Arсona is the only metaverse where you can become a nobleman by adding an aristocratic title to your name, To the rank of aristocrat, you also receive a 3D coat of arms in the form of a rare NTF. ​ This is an award for participation in the creation of the Augmented Reality World, in the development of the economy and the discovery of new lands in the AR world. ​ You will be able to link this award and title to your online account, place a 3D model in your castle in the AR domain to show your status to people in the real world. More info on our Nobility Titles page by link
  • What is Arcona Domains
    NFT domains unite a group of Digital Lands with a common border anywhere in the world. The number of lands united determines the rank and rarity of the Domain token. ​ The domain is needed in order to be able to create your own large-scale projects in the world of augmented reality, to post content on vast territories. ​ In addition, each NFT domain has a 3D model that you can deploy on your land as your first augmented reality project.
  • Launching and Initializing AR World
  • How to use the AR Builder
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