🔥 1,000,000 ARCONA burned.

Updated: Aug 31

♨️ The project team burned 1 million ARCONA (ERC-20) tokens of the Ethereum network from the bridge reserve.

♨️ A transaction that sends $ARCONA to address zero will permanently reduce the maximum circulation in the network with the most liquidity by 6.5%.

✅ Transactions: 0x818fe787112ba3a76e8cb5925345987c43fd35afd46f409a3b533807a81bfa0f 0x73d7ddf1f434bcf6bb40780e5d24966eda485a7d4dbe7615e4facc3d1332e1b1

0xb91e8ddf28d0d71446285eee0642277267d027e26fe6edbabd0416f17efda92d 0x7d9172e726306868b4df5fac2d4ca88f285b65a1b0081139cd27385c5b6a204b

♨️ The community vote determined the fate of the second million ARCONA. 🔥

♨️ At the next stage, the team will burn tokens from all networks coming into the team's treasury from sales and commissions.

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