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🔥 1,150,000 ARCONA BURNED!

♨️ The project team burned another 150,000 tokens following the 1 million ARCONA (ERC-20) tokens of the Ethereum network from the bridge reserve.

♨️101,000 tokens were burned from the bridge reserve on the Ethereum network, and 49,000 late 2022 what was received as a result of the exchange for Arcona Gold on the Minter network

♨️ Previously, the project community decided to burn the second million ARCONA. The team will burn tokens from all networks coming into the team treasury from sales and commissions.

♨️Transactions sending $ARCONA to address zero will permanently reduce the maximum circulation on the network with the most liquidity by 7.25%.

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1 Comment

Sep 16, 2022

Cool 😎 project 👍

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