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AMA Participation Award

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The Arcona team would like to thank the Minter community for participating in the AMA. Thank you for your interest in our project.

Your questions were interesting and allowed us to reveal various aspects of the augmented reality world.

We decided to reward everyone who took an active part in the AMA, prepared good questions for the team and created a favorable background for communication.

The reward will be the #NFT Feod domain, which will allow you to receive a piece of land as a gift anywhere you choose.

Feod Token is an NFT Domain. Each of the owners of the Feod token can choose one of the lands on the World map, and receive it from the team as a gift.

You need to give us the coordinates of any site on the planet. If there are vacant lands there, then we will create for you NFT ARDL, the Augmented Reality Digital Land token.

How to transfer coordinates: just put a label at the point you need on Google Map, and send a link to this place @korguzalow.

The token will also be the first #NFT 3D model that you can see on your land.

NFT Feod remains at your disposal. Perhaps this will be your first #NFT 3D model that you can see on your land in the world of augmented reality.

To put it on your site, you need ARCONA ETH. We are finalizing the marketplace to give you the opportunity to use the ARCONA token on any of the connected networks.

In the future, Feod may come in handy for you to participate in ARCONA mining in the AR world. This will make it a fairly valuable asset. Stay tuned for the news, we will report on the progress of preparations for the start of our programs.

If this is your first time with ERC 1155 tokens, don't be surprised if you don't see it on some types of wallets and on Etherscan. This is a new NFT format and not all projects support it.

You can see your assets on any NFT market, OpenSea for example, and on our portal. You just need to click on the "add model from wallet" button on the Models page of the Arcona portal.

Welcome to the world of Arcona!

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