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Arсona Metaverse AR Viewer release - 4.2.0

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

🔥App updates for iOS and Android have been released today, ahead of the next Dragon Grand Prix tour.

♨️Improved performance and bug fixes

✅ Settings are now saved on app restart

✅ Billboards are now launched by the button, for this action they give a bit of silver

✅ When leaving the starting hex, the welcome content will disappear

✅ Green T-Rex no longer crashes the app

✅ All chests now may be opened

✅ 10-silver chests now report a loss of connection to the server

👉 We recommend participants of the battle to try the AR world after reinstalling the application BEFORE the next battle.

☝️All models are now saved in the cache and load faster in the future.

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