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🔥AR Viewer Version 4.5.0 - INTEGRATION NFTs ERC 1155 by ETH, BSC, Polygon with Arcona World

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

♨️ Arcona Augmented Reality World mobile app version 4.5.0 for iOS and Android has been released.

♨️ A significant step has been taken to integrate NFTs (ERC 1155) created in the Ethereum, BSC, Polygon networks with the Augmented Reality World of the Arcona metaverse.

♨️In the inventory of the mobile application, NFT GameFi of the "Castles and Dragons" project are displayed, which are on the balance of your account.

♨️ Use fighters to hack system towers and castles. Open your inventory and click on the icon of one of the units.

♨️ The number of shots now corresponds to the level of the unit, as promised.

♨️ If the attack is successful, you will receive a reward. Otherwise, you can install a new squad and repeat the attack.

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