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🔥 AR Viewer update, version 4.7.0 released

♨️ Version 4.7.0 The Arcona Augmented Reality World mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

♨️ Ecosystem changes can be seen in the app interface. A click in the top tray opens the balance of silver and gold coins, as well as the player's "game experience" points.

♨️ However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire ecosystem of the early Metaverse has changed a lot today.

♨️ Travelers to the world of augmented reality will be able to transfer assets directly in the mobile app!

♨️ Thus, soon do not leave AR space you will be able to collect, exchange, buy any assets, including coins and NFTs of partner projects or NFTs created by users.

In the new version of the application, "game experience" is accumulated by players during the battle on the balance of the user's account.

Soon you can distribute experience to your squads, use it to raise dragons and other game units, trade as NFTs on the internal market.

The battle units experience system will be launched in one of the upcoming updates.

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