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Updated: Jan 16


AR builder for mobile application allows you to use your NFTs as bricks for scene design, packaging them as new original 3D objects in wNFT.

In one of the upcoming updates to the portal, you will be able to manage the 3D scenes you create, using them to deploy them remotely to your lands, and to bake wNFTs for sale on the market.

✅ To create a scene, drag and place in the sandbox any number of NFTs from your inventory. To do this, select on the sphere and click on the icon with the desired model.

✅ Control the movement and rotation of the model using the screen swap and fix the location by tapping the FIX button in the bottom tray of the interface.

✅ You can delete the scene by activating the icon on the sphere - "clear the sandbox"

✅ Save scenes in your inventory as original 3D models. To do this, find on the sphere and activate the icon with the index finger. A screenshot of your scene will appear in an empty cell on the sphere.

✅ For convenience, when you hover over the control icon on the sphere, it is duplicated on the sidebar. Also, your inventory now has 2 layers. Using the Inventory icon on sphere, you can switch between general game content and constructor content.

✅ You can also adjust the speed of the sphere and its response in the application settings.

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