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ARCONA AMA 05.11.2021


David Pinto, [03.11.21 16:48] I see you have loot boxes and I was wondering if you have any plans to implement smart NFTs using Alturas smart NFT API tools?

- We are already working on creating a smart NFT. In the long term, this is an ideal technology not only for loot boxes, but also for our Castles.


Gimli, [03.11.21 16:51] Hi, I'm new here, please tell me how much ARCONA do I need to buy to start passive income with Arcona World?

There are no restrictions here. You can add any number of tokens to one of our liquidity pools and start receiving passive income.

To participate in the game with castles, you will, at the minimum, need a package of Digital Land and Tower, domain and title. But you can make money in a more active way: go for a walk with our app and look for treasure chests.


Vladimir Sorokolat, [03.11.21 16:51] What are the ways to earn money, besides hunting, owning a castle and farming coins for exchange?

The most interesting and promising way to make money in Arcona is to launch your own AR projects on the Digital Lands.

Our metaverse was originally created so that everyone without special programming skills could implement creative and business ideas using augmented reality anywhere in the world.

Our remote positioning technology allows you to significantly reduce the cost of creating an AR show, and on placement (if there is ready content) you will spend a few minutes.

With us you can create not only games, but also open online stores, art galleries, show rooms, create historical reconstructions, new tourist routes and much more.

And games are our way to give you a chance to evaluate all the possibilities and advantages of this technology, learn how to use it, and further build or promote your own business on our platform.

Create content stores, invent plots for new games, transfer your offline business to the global layer of augmented reality. For our part, we will in every possible way support your ideas, expanding the functionality of the platform for the implementation of your projects.


Andrey Chudny, [03.11.21 16:56] Good evening, dear team, a question of the following nature. Now all your unique NFT domains, headers, locks, inventory are mainly focused on the OpenSea marketplace, which only uses ether ETH, are you negotiating with alternative platforms, but already based on BSC, to reduce your gas consumption when buying all these items? It seems like Binance has such a platform that was launched this year, and it may still be damp, but still. Has the team thought about partnering with a fairly large NFT aggregator like WAX ​​AtomicHub? A large number of projects are exhibited on this trading platform.

The Binance marketplace opened only in the spring, and so far a dozen projects have been listed on NFT. The site promises that in the near future they will remove the restriction on the number of bidders and Arcona has already submitted its application. So we are waiting for the development of events.

But we continue to look for alternatives to OpenSea, considering the possibilities of Rarible and Mintable. Now the main sites with a good reputation prefer to trade in ETH. But the situation is changing rapidly, interesting aggregators appear on parallel blockchain networks, including the WAX ​​AtomicHub.

We will communicate with them. Also, we hope that the Minter network will expand its capabilities to work with NFT. After launching the Android version of the application, our team will focus on creating our own NFT marketplace.


Bit holder, [03.11.21 16:58] What other tools are planned for the development of the economy in the ARCONA universe? Ellis, [03.11.2021 20:07] Updated roadmap?

First of all, we will launch the Android version of our application. Final testing and debugging is underway, and very soon we will release a beta version in the public domain. This will significantly expand the audience of the project.

The mobile application will be supplemented with end-to-end registration and linking the user's account to the crypto wallet, this will allow launching the P2P NFT market in augmented reality.

After that, our team will focus on renovating the portal and NFT marketplace, which will simplify the integration of any NFT with the AR world.

Finally, we will launch the tools for creating 3D land maps. This will be a separate block of our application, with which you can scan the space and create a virtual copy of the surrounding world.

On the one hand, this will increase the accuracy of AR content binding, on the other, it will allow you to get an exact VR copy of your surfaces. It can be used for additional visualization of your projects in Arcona, as well as in other XR projects.

And very soon we will update the roadmap on our website


Andrey Chudny, [03.11.21 17:05] Now test programs for hunters are going well, collecting silver, like a clan for a clan of dragons, announced a joint partnership with the Polars project, which makes it possible to simply place bets. And actually the question - will Arcona have such a separate division as ARCONA-Bookmaker, or have you ever wondered how to get this division?

Arcona is, first of all, an AR metauniverse, on the lands of which a variety of projects will find their place, and not only games. Therefore, our task now is to stimulate the development of the maximum number of projects of various formats on our website.

If our trial betting tournaments are successful for both communities, the Polars team will continue this trend at Arcona.

This project specializes in such games. And over time, our users will open their bookmakers in the world of Arcona, because this is a very promising direction for business.

We will develop and promote new and exciting ideas with the community and collaborative efforts.


Squidward, [03.11.21 17:07] Why is the ARCONA exchange rate so strongly influenced by the sale of a small amount of coins?

These are the laws of the crypto market, join pools of liquidity and volatility will decrease.


kerim, [03/11/21 17:07] What do you promise about universal use of the metaverse?

The classic metaverse is a digital collective space that connects the digital and physical worlds.

Here, millions of people can virtually interact in a variety of areas - playing, building a business, making art, publishing their own media. In fact, everything we do in the real world is only at a new technological level.

This is exactly the world that Arcona is building today.

Another characteristic feature of the metaverse is user participation in its creation and development.

The development team creates the possibilities of the virtual world, but realizes all the possibilities of its use. That is, the metaverse is something like an AppStore, for which everyone can create their own author projects.

We've created all the tools you need to make your AR experience comfortable all over the world.

We have a universal content posting system where you can remotely install both your own models and those purchased on any external resources.

With NFT formats, you can bring Arcona elements from other projects and metauniverses to Earth. We are gradually mastering new blockchains.

But ideally, the metaverse as a technological concept implies a single space in which different worlds created by different developers are connected.

That is, getting into virtual space, you can move from one world to another. Relatively speaking, from Cryptovoxels to Decentraland and from Decentraland to Arcona.

And in the future we will get such a common Metaverse, therefore, over time, the builders of different metauniverses will one way or another approach and combine their resources and capabilities.


How do you see the exchange rate of your coin to the dollar, taking into account the costs incurred?

We do not make forecasts


Successful trader, [03.11.21 17:09] How long do you think it will take for independent human trafficking in the ARCONA universe, namely inside ARCONA?

At the beginning of the year, we will launch our own NFT marketplace, and this will become a powerful incentive for the development of P2P trading within the metaverse.


Andrey Chudny, [03.11.21 17:12] I think everyone will be interested to know how many people work in your team? And who is responsible for what in development?

We have assembled a very strong team of professionals, on average over 10 years of experience. Basically we have 14 employees, two with Ph.D. Everyone has been working on the creation of the metaverse since its inception.

Prior to Arcona, our developers were involved in a wide variety of international projects. More details can be found in White Paper.


Vladimir Sorokolat, [03.11.21 17:18] #AMA Will your universe be adapted for desktop computers?

On a computer screen, augmented reality loses half of its magic. The most exciting thing is when fantastic stories suddenly appear against the background of familiar landscapes or interiors, when the figure merges with reality. Therefore, we focused on mobile AR.

Nevertheless, we are already finalizing the block for creating spatial 3D terrain maps. With its launch, you can scan any piece of space through the application and create a virtual copy of it. This model can be used in any projects on stationary computers, supplementing it with your own content.


Andrey Chudny, [03.11.21 17:19] Will the tradition of popular voting for the names / nicknames of animals from the Arcona universe continue? In the metaverse of Arkona, the red dragon must have a name.

We are for any creativity. Let's start on Monday. The Red Dragon has long earned a worthy name)


Silence 🤫 (I'm in MEDAtation), [03.11.21 17:23] Are there plans to integrate into the Arcona metaverse for other NFTs and gaming projects in the crypto space?

Technically, this feature is already there. You can self-publish and showcase your collectible 3D GLT and GLTF NFTs anywhere in the real world using augmented reality.

These can be different artifacts - from pixel models of spiders and cats, made in SandBox, to works of art, full-fledged animated 3D models from game projects. And it's very easy to do it in a couple of clicks.

In your personal account on the Arcona portal, you need to register a wallet and select the NFT that is on it. Here, for clarity, they are displayed in 3D mode with animation. Find a suitable land plot and click the "publish" button.

And at this moment, the model described in the smart contract is already visible to viewers thousands of kilometers away from you through a single mobile application. The token itself remains on the owner's wallets, which guarantees complete security.


Andrey Chudny, [03.11.21 17:27] Is the team planning to release a limited winter collection of unique NTF cards dedicated to Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year? BTF, Arkona NTF mascot card, I think Eve was popular and will she help you get used to the project? And so winter castles, winter estates in an artistic style should be beautiful!

Great idea! It's time to get ready for Christmas. We know that there are many very talented artists in our community and right now we invite everyone to create thematic works.

We will help arrange the best works as NFTs and will place them on the lands of Arkona in December, and of course we will arrange the NTF Christmas market. Winter in Arkona will be bright and beautiful!


not Samir, [03.11.21 17:31] Evgeny Gordeev said ( that Microsoft wants to buy you, is it true?

We are not interested in selling the project. We are negotiating with large companies on technical cooperation, the sale of licenses to use our software, and the implementation of individual joint projects. But there is no talk of a complete sale.


Andrey Chudny, [03.11.21 17:48] Is the team planning to make (create) a chat for communication within the application? For example, when it comes to creating guilds for collecting silver, as well as hunting raid bosses, I think that chat for correspondence will be relevant.

In the future, we are planning such an option. But first we have to launch the application on Android, and then we will actively expand the functionality. So for now, work actively with the application and let us know what other functions are interesting and necessary for you in telegram chats.

David Pinto, [03.11.2021 18:15] #AMA I see there is an iOS app. Any plan or timeline for Android or Windows? Android will be released before the end of the year, we will not make a version for Windows Phone, since the company has stopped supporting this operating system.


Dho, [03.11.2021 18:50] #AMA If Metaverse succeeds with Arcona, will NFT be as valuable as Arcona's castle?

The advantage of NFT in the metaverse is precisely that such tokens do not lose their value and characteristics when transferred from one world to another.


PTTR, [03.11.2021 19:00] When do we get listed?

In the near future, now a dozen exchanges are considering ARCONA tokens for listing.

Schroeder, [03.11.2021 19:01] #AMA I already got rich on ARCONA. Do you mind if I get rich again?

We are exclusively for, and we work only for this! Everyone knows that the Arkona Universe is the homeland of Millionaires =)


DevilDog, [03.11.2021 20:20] #AMA What makes Arcona different from other Metaverse projects?

First of all, we are the first augmented reality Metaverse to be launched. Today, absolutely the entire planet is already populated with Arcona content and you can join our games and promotions anywhere in the world.

On our Digital Lands, any user without training and special skills can create their own interactive worlds. For this we have developed extremely simple tools. At the same time, if you are a professional developer, you will get a whole world for the most super sophisticated projects.

You can place your projects all over the place remotely, right from your work computer. This is provided by our technology for remote positioning of 3D objects.

Our technology allows us to significantly reduce the cost of creating each AR project in comparison with the market value, and the launch time (if ready-made content is available) is reduced to several minutes.

We give you the opportunity to develop and promote almost any business using visualization technologies (advertising, real estate, online retail games, tourism, education, etc.). At the same time, copyrights and financial interests are protected using blockchain technology.

Our main advantages are our own technology stack, which makes us completely independent, an established strong development team and experience in the AR market since 2013.


Tta, [03.11.2021 22:53] What benefits will investors have with Arcona tokens? Can you talk about the values ​​of tokenomics?

ARCONA Token - the equivalent value of all digital assets in the Arcona metaverse. Using the ARCONA token, you buy and sell Digital Lands, creative 3D content and software, attend interactive exhibitions, buy professional services in the Arcona ecosystem (software code, ads, content, etc.),

Participate in promotions, games and special events. Accordingly, with the development of the system, the token becomes more and more in demand, and therefore more valuable.

$ARCONA is a 100% utility token. Currently, all ARCONA tokens have been bought out by the community and are in circulation. Provides stability and complete decentralization of the project.

Other ecosystem assets, such as Digital Land and Content, are fungible ERC 721 tokens. The ownership of these assets, as well as the terms and value or fees for their use, are recorded in a smart contract.

Thus, each piece of Arcona Digital Land is an ARDL token of the ERC-721 standard. His smart contract contains all the characteristics, including number, geographic coordinates, information about current and previous owners.

In June 2021, at the request of our community, the team launched ARCONA on two parallel blockchain networks - Binance Smart Chain and Minter. At the same time, the total volume of tokens simultaneously in circulation on all blockchains is no more than 15 million ARCONA.

Now our users have more freedom in Arcona's digital assets at various sites, and the project has become more resilient to impact. In the near future, Arcona will be deployed on several more blockchains.


Kripto Hr, [04.11.2021 10:58] We all know that the Arcona team is one of the pioneers in the field of augmented reality ... Could you tell us more about how it all started, why you chose AR. the magical AR universe?

Before the opening of the company, the founders of the project had been publishing the international travel magazine Le Voyageur for five years. They traveled all over the world.

In 12-13 years, augmented reality was still purely exotic. Pokemon Go thundered only in 2016. And you need to bet on it.

Piligrim XXI was founded in 2013 to create AR parks for tourists. The first project, launched by the Avian city in 2014, was a full-scale historical reconstruction of a knight's castle in the tiny Latvian town of Ludza.

Literally in the first summer season, the tourist flow, according to local authorities, increased by 30%, and the five-thousandth city received 60 thousand guests.

Since then, a whole network of AR parks has been created in Europe and Russia. In fact, these are full-fledged open-air museums. Users not only see what other models of the building of the era looked like.

For example, to witness the eruption of Vesuvius in Pompeii, to observe the ancient Byzantine rites in Bulgaria, or to become a participant in the Northern War in Estonia.

Each of these parks was costly and time-consuming to build. Endless business trips throughout Europe, terrain scanning, technical improvements.

Such projects are interesting for the user, but not profitable from a commercial point of view. This is how the idea of ​​algorithms for remote work in AR was born.

There were no analogues at that time, and even now it has not yet been implemented. Therefore, our programmers invented everything from scratch.

At first, in order to simplify our work, in 2017 we realized that, based on our technology, we would create an entire metaverse for users, and then augmented reality would appear only in a few points on the world map, but all over the planet. The Arcona XR Metaverse was born.


Oh W, [04.11.2021 12:35] The original goal and mission of Arcona was to create and maintain platform tools for working with blockchain-based augmented reality.

The initial idea is to use this content to your liking, while Arcona uses whatever it takes for AR content.

We have recently witnessed many events that are still ongoing, with Arcona also creating content and interactive augmented reality.

There have also been partnering events for hunting games where teams compete against each other for a prize, while others can place bets on the winning team.

All this is by no means a bad thing, as it increases the popularity of the project, demonstrating the capabilities of Arcona's AR technologies.

However, this brings me to this question in order to better understand what the plans for the future are: Has Arcona's goal and mission changed from being a simple tool and platform developer to being also a content developer for various areas of AR in their AR technology?

Our goals have not changed at all, and we are very quickly approaching their achievement. We have created a platform and tools to enable users to create freely in augmented reality and we continue to improve them. Evaluate the capabilities of our platform.


There was talk of VC showing interest in Arcona and the team came out to say they would take the community into account.

Could you tell us more about this. How can venture capitalists invest given that the majority of tokens are in the hands of the community?

I would also like to know if Arcona would consider working on other web3 platforms like ICP and XPR where there will be no gas billing issues. ICP operates decentralized websites, making them censorship resistant. How important is Arcona's truly decentralized platform to you?

Ethereum is decentralized, but most platforms run on Amazon, which is centralized. Amazon can shut down eth nodes for any reason, such as government pressure.

Will the team address these raised issues and seek the best solutions for the long-term success of the project.

When negotiating with funds, we first of all take into account the interests of token holders.

Now we are discussing investing in the development of individual projects based on Digital Land, including games. Additional funding will help make gamification more dynamic and interesting for users, increase trade within the system, and strengthen the Arcona token.

We are also talking about funding some of our technology development programs. What programs are "Programming" both within the system and in parallel with programs on a licensed basis.

As far as working with alternative blockchains is concerned, it is really interesting and promising for us and the community. We are already working with Minter and Binance and are looking for other sites.

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