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Arcona announces Dragon Grand Prix!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

All August in the World of Arcona will be held a grand marathon of four competitions for the most adventurous treasure hunters!

We will determine the best treasure hunters of the summer season. In addition to worldwide fame, they will receive great prizes - ARCONA tokens and valuable NFTs for the Castles and Dragons game!

Competitions will be held on Sundays from 13:00 to 15:00 (GMT+3)

The first qualifying round starts on August 7!

Absolutely everyone who registers in the EVA bot using the /profile command in our Telegram chat and passes through registration on our website before 19.00 (GMT+3) on August 6 will take part in it.

80% of the players with the highest amount of Silver will advance to the next stage.

Prize fund

  • All hunters who earn at least 1000 silver coins receive Magic Pouch x100

  • The best hunter of the stage receives 10% of all bets placed.

  • The super prize of the first stage is the NFT Domain Feod. It will be raffled among those who advance to the second round!

The second round - Battle of the teams - will be held on August 14.

All participants are divided into clans and fight for the best results, because only two teams go to the final!

Prize fund

  • The best team of the stage receives 10% of all bets placed.

  • Super prize of the second stage - NFT Mgister's Castle. It will go to one of the winning teams.

The final will take place on August 21st.

He will determine the best team whose players will perform in the Grand Prix.

Prize fund 3000 ARCONA and NFT card 3 lands each!

Winners also receive 10% of all bets placed.

The Grand Prix of the Tournament will be held on September 4th!

Here every hunter play for himself.

At the Grand Prix we will invite:

  • members of the finalist team;

  • leaders of collecting silver of each round;

  • owners of Grand Prix tickets received in various competitions.

Prize fund

The best hunter of the tournament will become the Arcona Baron! There is also a prize fund waiting for him, which will include all the fees from the bets made!

For tournament fans!

We traditionally accept bets on the best players and teams at each stage of the Tournament.

Contribution - multiple of 100 $ARCONA with a limit of up to 1000 $ARCONA

Tournament participants can also bet on themselves and their team.

If the bets are not played, they go to the Grand Prix prize pool.

During the Tournament of hunters, many surprises await. The first one is a secret chest of 200,000 silver!

Join the summer battle of treasure hunters and send applications for participation with the #DRAGONGRANDPRIX tag

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