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Arcona announces partnership with DAO ENVELOP

ENVELOP has launched a unique crosschain protocol, which allows you to use NFTs as storage for digital assets - other NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Their technology makes it possible to create smart NFTs with individual economic settings: blocking by time and event, defining royalty amounts, replenishing internal storage with other tokens or transaction fees, lease terms, etc.

Very soon, the ENVELOP team's pilot GameFi project will roll out on Arcona Digital Lands! Users of both platforms will get an exciting experience playing in an augmented reality metaverse and will be able to appreciate the advantages of working with smart NFTs in combat mode!

In the future ENVELOP will become our strategic partner in Castles and Dragons game, which provides NFTs integration with advanced functionality.

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Read more about DAO ENVELOP in Telegram chat

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