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Arcona at PHDays 2022: Noble Hackers Steal Crypto-art Right in the Metaviverse!

Arcona XR Metaverse participated in the leading cybersecurity forum PHDays 2022. This year's forum was attended by a record 8,700 attendees in its history, and over 127,000 viewers watched the event online.

The PHDays program included around 100 reports, sections and round tables. The forum included the Positive Wave and HackerToon creative festivals. But, as expected, the most spectacular event was the large-scale cyber battle Blockchain Hunter. Gambling explorers took over the crypto-art of real artists right in the Arcona meta-universe.

"It was a very interesting experiment both in terms of cybersecurity and in terms of visualizing such processes in augmented reality," Ilya Korguzalov, the Arcona project leader, told. - In our AR world, on the fantasy Tree of Souls 3D models of paintings by Russian digital artists were placed, one of them - a girl of 12! All works reflect the authors' view on the development of meta universes, so the exhibition turned out to be very futurological".

The paintings were presented in the form of Ethereum NFT ERC 721 and became a target for the noble hackers. The contestants successfully discovered the crypto masterpieces' smart contracts and transferred the tokens to their wallets. Forum guests watched the "theft" live. On the demo screens and through the Arcona app, they saw the paintings gradually disappear from the branches of the tree and the PHDays logos appear in their place.

"As you know, in our meta universe you can place any NFT anywhere in the world, explains Ilya Korguzalov. - At the same time, the tokens remain in users' wallets - we do not store or manage your digital assets. That is, hackers took NFT from the address created by the organizers of the Blockchain Hunter contest, and we only showed the process of "stealing" in real time.

Implementing this project, we worked out a scheme of dynamic content update and creating a single 3D object from multiple NFTs. This is an important step to launch GameFi's Castles and Dragons project. Now you will be able to fill your NFT castles with all the necessary game artifacts".

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