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Arcona Became a Partner of MX100 Multimedia Metaverse in the UAE

Its launch will take place within the forum of the same name, which will be held on December 20 by MXHub, a leading innovation center and incubator in Dubai. Startups that offer breakthrough technological solutions in the field of AR/VR, fintech, blockchain and WEB 3 will take part in the development of the new meta-space. The idea of MX100 has already been supported by the largest investment funds: Andreeson Horowitz, Sequoia, TigerGlobal and SALD Investments.

This year, Dubai has become a world center for the introduction of the concept of metaverses. Here it is actively supported at the state level. In the next 5 years the governments together with local investors plan to develop platform standards and create infrastructure for the growth of metacities. So for Arcona the integration into the emerging meta-world of Emirates becomes one of the most interesting and promising directions of development.

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