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Arcona broke own NFT sales record on Black Friday.

An anonymous resident of Dubai bought a set of title, domain and castle of the duke, as well as an area in the city center for 64,000 USDT

The buyer will deploy augmented reality infrastructure in the main city of the United Arab Emirates and the administrative center of the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai is the trade and financial center of the UAE and the entire Middle East. Located on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

The team is pleased that Black Friday was able to provide the many citizens of the Arcona world with the NFT resources they need to grow the metaverse in every region of the planet.

On sale were all the necessary for the landowners to build of their own castles. Castles will provide project participants to earn in the Play2Eearn format in the world of augmented reality.

Arcona is preparing to launch the Play2Earn project "Castles and Dragons" in AR MMORPG format. Arcona XR Metaverse is the first global massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game in the world of augmented reality.

"Castles and Dragons" is a project for staking, farming, asset exchange, and the development of a P2P economy within the augmented reality world.

The size of the assets formed by the players in the augmented reality world will depend on the size, infrastructure, and acces digital goods for the players in the real world.

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