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Arcona Chronicles Theme for 15 -21 Feb

The new theme of the Arcona Chronicles is "The Role of Castles in the the Arcona World"

The Castles and Dragons game is one of the biggest projects in the Arcona lands today. It has it all: beauty, excitement, earnings, and even the chance to create your own characters and plots. All of this is fascinating, but a bit difficult for newcomers, of which we have had quite a few lately.

We propose to dedicate the next Chronicles series to our main game! Let's tell about all the details of the project in a simple and fun way, as you know how. And let's start with the main thing - Arcona castles!

A castle is the citadel of your domain and a source of constant income. Install it in your domain and the treasury will be replenished with silver every day. The amount of rent directly depends on the level of the castle, title and domain.

But it's not that simple. Castles are located in the real world, which means that other players can detect and attack them with the help of evil wyverns, brave guardsmen or fantastic airships. Which means that one's holdings need to be fortified and protected.

On the other hand, the profitability of the castle can be increased by pumping up its level. To do this, you can buy titles, guns and defenders, open markets with goods, silver mines and changers' shops on the territory. The level of your castle grows faster if it attracts the attention of visitors in the AR world.

As usual, to participate in Chronicles you make daily posts on social networks with themed pictures, screenshots from the app, poems or memes during the week.

For inspiration, here are some variations of texts and illustrations for your posts ;)

  • My castle is my infinite wealth!

  • What better to protect my castle than a pack of loyal dragons!

  • For an active player, a castle is the most lucrative asset in the Arcona Metaverse

  • The bigger the castle, the bigger its treasury!

  • Dragon Castle - the coolest in the Arcona world

  • Treasure hunters are already searching for Arcona castles all over the world

  • Arcona Castles - a unique kind of farming in augmented reality

  • Every castle makes the world of Arcona more beautiful and richer!

  • Castles are the heart of Arcona's GameFi economy!

Of course, we hope you will use your original texts.

And don't forget to add the tag #ArconaCastles to your publications

We wish you creative success and victory in our contest!

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