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Arcona Chronicles Theme for 25 -31 Jan

Updated: Jan 25

A new Arcona Chronicle topic is "How will the Arcona world change with the shift to futuristic gadgets like Vision Pro, AR lenses, or neural helmets that read our minds?"

It's related to the fact that sales of Apple's much-anticipated Vision Pro headset will begin next week. And the whole digital world is frozen in anticipation, because this device is expected to make a huge difference in the realm of XR and meta universes! So we invite you to fantasize about the future of our meta-world.

As usual, to participate in the Chronicles, you make daily posts on social networks with thematic pictures, screenshots from the app, poems or memes for a week.

Since we don't yet have the very neural helmet that can read your thoughts about the future of metaverses, we can only offer general options for captions.

For example:

  • In Arcona we collect treasure chests with the power of thought!

  • I defeat a dragon with a glance in the world of Arcona with Vision Pro!

  • Yay, soon I'll be hunting for chests with my helmet on! Mittens will be unnecessary!

Or more abstract

  • The next step into the limitless possibilities of the Arcona Metiverse.

  • Discovering new dimensions in the Arcona metaverse.

  • Arcona blurs the boundaries between the digital world and reality.

And don't forget to add the tags #ArconaFuture and #VisionPro to your publications

We wish you creative success and victory in our contest!

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