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Arcona Chronicles theme for Feb. 1-7

The new theme of the Arcona Chronicles is "Exciting Draconology in the Arcona World"

Already on February 10 we meet the Chinese New Year and its symbol - the Dragon will come into its own. In the Arcona world, these powerful creatures are our loyal friends and helpers. They guard our castles and treasures. And if you can tame this fantastic beast, it will become your faithful companion in the hunt for the untold riches of the landlords!

But dragons, as we know, are a bit finicky. They love to be praised and to have offerings brought to them. So we suggest dedicating the week before the New Year to the dragons and wyverns of Arcona

As usual, to participate in the Chronicles, you make daily posts on social media with themed pictures, screenshots from the app, poems or memes during the week.

For inspiration, here are some variations of texts and illustrations for your posts ;)

  • My dragon is the best protector of treasure!

  • When a meeting under the Tree of Souls becomes magical

  • Dragons celebrate Chinese New Year in the world of Arcona.

  • Arcona dragons break into the real world.

  • The most stylish wyverns live in the Arcona metaverse.

  • Dragon farming is a great business in Arcona lands.

  • Going on a treasure hunt with a fighting dragon.

Of course, we hope you will use your original texts.

And don't forget to add the tag #ArconaDragons to your publications.

We wish you creative success and victory in our contest!

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