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Arcona Digest 24.07

We decided to start a new tradition and will prepare for you a small Saturday main events of the world of Arcona and the brightest news of the augmented reality industry.

The past week at the Arcona XR Metaverse was marked by a Gold Rush.

Our hunters continue to search and open treasure chests in the Augmented Reality World. Each chest contains a different number of silver coins - from 10 thousand to 100 thousand (one thousand coins is equal to 0.1 USD).

You can use them to pay for content in the application and other Arcona services, and having collected coins for a thousand dollars on your account, you can exchange them for ARCONA tokens on the Ethereum, BSC or Minter networks.

Last week, Arcona hunters received a Bastille Day gift. On the start page of the application, a three-dimensional reconstruction of the fortress appeared, within the walls of which the Grand Prize was hidden. Congratulations to everyone who managed to find the treasured chest!

And very soon a new adventure awaits you - The Wheel of Fortune. The game kicks off on August 1st in Las Vegas. Don't forget to exchange your Domain NFTs for in-game lands. The first stage of the exchange has already begun

As soon as the farm 2.0 on the Uniswap platform was completed and the most patient token holders received the rarest and most expensive NFT Domains, the new Arcona liquidity pool was launched on the Bancor network. Anyone who keeps their funds in the pool for 1, 2 or 3 months will receive NFT Arcona and, nicely, insurance against intermittent loss from Bancor.

We remind you that you can also join the farming programs on the Minter network



The biggest news of the week in the AR / VR industry was the purchase of the Sketchfab platform by Epic Games. Sketchfab management says it will continue to operate as an independent brand.

The studio will support various game engines including Unity. And joining a major company like Epic Games will accelerate the development of the platform and new online tools for viewing, publishing and downloading 3D models. Hopefully, with this deal, content on Sketchfab will be even more diverse and easier to bring to Arcona lands.

Snapchat has partnered with Foresight Factory to publish an interesting study, The Future of Shopping. According to experts, the future of retail directly depends on the development of AR technology. They predict that by 2025 there will be a 37% increase in the number of shoppers who will require AR experiences before buying.

This is another reason to think about opening your own store in Arcona Digital Lands.

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