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On August 2, voting for changing the limit from 5000 to 50,000 BNT in the ARCONA/BNT pool!

The Arcona team has submitted a request to increase ARCONA co-investment limits for discussion by the Bancor community. This proposal is expected to be put to a vote on Monday 2 August.

In just a week, the liquidity in the Bancor network pool exceeded $ 700 K with only 5K Bancor Co-Invest, which means that the vast majority of BNT in the contract was bought in the market.

Market Cap has grown to $ 4.5 million and there are still many people looking to contribute assets to the pool.

We would like to create additional space for ARCONA deposits and allow changing the limit from 5,000 BNT to 50,000 BNT limits on the ARCONABNT pool.

ARCONA is now over 30% APY. There is no room in the pool for additional ARCONA LPs. Therefore, we propose to vote to increase the size of co-investment from 5 thousand to 50 thousand BNT.

The one-way staking capability encourages our token holders to use the Bancor protocol more actively and to increase the pool size.

As liquidity grows, so will the yield on swaps for LP.

By tradition, among all voters, regardless of how they vote, we will give away 20 rare NFT Arcona.

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Jerme Amandoron
Jerme Amandoron
Aug 01, 2021

when the game to be release?

Replying to

You can join the game by telegram

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