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Arcona has launched Spatial Data Scanner, a 3D mapping tool that is an important part of the ArconaCore global positioning ecosystem.

Arcona 3D mapping is used for marker-free remote placement of AR content anywhere in the world with an accuracy of tens to several centimeters.

Such a set of bindings is created from a data packet received by any mobile device with a standard set of sensors: camera, GPS, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope.

Arcona AR Scanner obtains sets of spatial data suitable for both creating 3D spatial anchor maps and rendering a 3D terrain layout.

To solve the problems of global positioning, a 3D map of spatial anchors is transferred to the mobile devices of users to the Arcona AR Viever app, with which they are immersed in the metaverse.

The AR viewer app acquires the ability to navigate in a cloud of visual and geometric elements that covers the scanned location using the built-in spatial landmark recognition module.

Arcona AR Scanner, the solution to the problem of remote tie of digital content in the real world with minimal error. The tool is needed in various areas that require the complete merging of cyberspace with the real environment and reduce the cost of creating augmented reality projects.

In the next updates, Arcona AR Scanner will be equipped with an automatic dataset quality assessment system, monetization tools, and adapted for users who will be able to provide scanning services on order in the P2P market

The next stage in the development of the remote content placement system is the rendering of 3D maps of digitized locations and the launch of a PC client with access to the global 3D metaverse map, which will make the content placement process accurate and comfortable.

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