Arcona launches farming of the Castles 3D NFTs

Updated: Feb 20

Uniswap liquidity providers will be rewarded with rare Castles NFT!

Arcona launches ARCONA / ETH liquidity provider farming program on Uniswap with a prize pool in rare NFTs - Castles. Full-size 3D models of Castles, forts, towers and fortresses will be installed in the world of augmented reality in Landlord Domains.


Arcona castles will comes as a source of constant income. The owner of the Castle gets the privilege to mine silver and exchange it for ARCONA crypto tokens.

The Castle will start generating income for the owner after being installed on the augmented reality land plots.

You can deploy Castles on your lands by having a Domain token that unites several land plots with a common border.


Just Arcona lords with titles of nobility will be able to receive daily income from the castle.

The amount of daily reward for the castle will be in direct proportion to the size and level of the castle.

The Castle treasury will be replenished daily with a silver. The income from each castle will return the initial investment within 2-6 months depends by the Castle level.


The level of the castle can be rised by increasing the title of the owner. Additional income will be brought by social interact