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Arcona Launches New NFT Farm on Bancor Network

Bancor liquidity providers will be rewarded monthly with rare NFTs!

From 23 July 2021, liquidity providers in the ARCONA / BNT pool will be rewarded with 3D NFT Arcona domains - X-Reality Metaverse.

To date you can exchange the Domain token for the free lands of the Arcona world, take part in the Gold Rush project, deploy a 3D model in Arcona World as the first AR project, and sell on the NFT markets.

After the Augmented Reality World update, Domain tokens will be the only way to combine multiple lands with a common border into a single region - Domain.

Any LP that holds their funds in a liquidity pool for 1, 2 or 3 months will be able to receive a reward. Calculation of remuneration - September 1, October 1, November 1 for the previous month. Rewards will be distributed within 1 week from the date of settlement.

How to join a liquidity pool on the Bancor network

Following the announcement of the addition of ARCONA to the Bancor White List, ARCONA's unilateral betting limit was nearly exhausted and exceeded ARCONA 1,300,000.

The pool smart contract is based on the provision of tokens in equal shares. The Bancor team recommends stake 50х50 ARCONA and BNT liquidity to join the pool. To do this, you need to purchase BNT for the amount that you plan to deposit into ARCONA.

Today, 33 crypto platforms trade BNT, but only Bancor Network, Binance Exchange, and Dove Wallet offer a large selection of trading pairs.

When providing two-way liquidity, make sure you defend your position using the Bet button on the Protect tab to hedge against volatile losses. The ARCONA token you received in your wallet must eventually be sent to the pool protection contract.

Impermanent Loss insurance

ARCONA has joined Whitelist Bancor, which means that the liquidity providers in our pool receive insurance against volatile losses. Insurance guarantees that in the event of any market fluctuations, you will return the amount with which you entered the pool.

The only condition is that the funds are in the pool for at least 100 days.

You can track your profitability and see the current state of your position in the liquidity pool under the Protection tab in on the right.

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The launch of Arcona's new NFT farm on the Bancor Network represents another exciting development in the ever-expanding world of blockchain transactions. At Zert, our mission is to democratize finance, ensuring that such advancements are accessible, instant, and secure for all. From the convenience of your home or office, our world-class platform facilitates secure transactions, fully licensed/pending across three continents. With Arcona's integration into the Bancor Network, users can further explore the possibilities of digital assets and NFTs, confident in the security and accessibility provided by ZERT's ecosystem.

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