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Updated: Apr 23, 2021

The New Era in the development of X-Reality Metaverse.

Arcona announces a fundamental update of the platform and the beginning of a new era of development of AR Metaverse. By launching the next services, Arcona is consistently moving towards a decentralized ecosystem with a common market and a single domestic currency. Functionally, the system becomes more accessible to a wide user audience.




After the upgrade at the beginning of the year, the marketplace portal opened the possibility for users to click on the map of the World to buy Digital Lands, own and develop them anywhere on Earth.

Since the beginning of this year, the world of Augmented Reality has been open to downloading content via a link to independent data warehouses. Owners of digital sites on their own, in several clicks, can publish their own 3D content in AR space throughout the planet.

The format of this kind of content is supported by the ERC 1155 token. We are expanding the functionality so that after the next system update, our users can download and show in their own NFT holdings from their collections.

Due to the NFT standard ERC-1155 on Arcona lands, it will be possible in the near future to transfer any interactive content from other tokenized projects - 3D models, animated characters, game items.

The team began creating their own NFTs with installation-ready thematic content, which will soon go on sale.

The Arcona XR Metaverse farming program continues. All participants in the ETH/ARCONA liquidity pool who have invested tokens in the LP farm are waiting not only for a reward in ARCONA tokens, but also for unique NFTs from the project team.

Anyone who holds liquidity tokens on the farm for 10 days or more will receive a unique pair of Arcona NFT tokens as a reward. This is a rare NFT with a title and 3D coat of arms and the second NFT is a chest with a treasury.

This is a pair of game units that Landowners will be able to place on their land during the draw of the Grand Prize stages. The start of the Action is scheduled for the end of spring - the beginning of summer.

in order to take part in the Grand Prize draw, you need to have your own land. We will launch the NFT voucher system soon. They will allow the owner to reduce their costs arising from the high gas price of transactions for the release and transfer of NFT tokens of the Digital Land (ARDL).

We are pleased to announce that the capital of the Republic of Karelia joined XR Metaverse - March 12, 2021. This will not only be the largest augmented reality territory in the world, which will cover the whole city, but also the most diverse in content. The first stage of three tourist routes in Petrozavodsk will be launched in early summer.

The spatial data scanner is debugging to create detailed 3D virtual maps of the digitized locations. The next stage of development in this direction is a client for PCs with access to a global 3D map, which will make the content placement process accurate and comfortable.

Prototipe 3D map for VR client

AR Viewer porting to Android is up to end. The mobile app will soon be featured on Google Play. In the World of augmented reality, users of Android devices will be able to log in in the first half of 2021.

Team prepares SDK for Unity engine, discovering augmented reality world for large community developers AR/XR/MR applications

New opportunities involve the development of the AR space of enthusiasts who are ready to join in solving the problems facing the project.


To support the pioneers of the Augmented Reality world, the team announces the start of the Grant Program. The Arcona community is invited to vote on projects that have requested grant support. The winning projects will be launched into production. Voting on grants will be held as applications are received.

Voting Rules

  • Amount oeates an ETH wallet

  • Voting is carried out by ARCONA tokensf the grant provided by the team 300,000 ARCONA

  • Applicants submit project description

  • Team selects projects to vote on

  • For each project, the team cr

  • Bet - 5K ARCONA one vote.

  • The project wins, which gains more than 50% of the cost of the grant.

  • The team adds the rest of the amount with ARCONA tokens from the reserve fund.

  • If the project does not gain 50%, the decision on Grant support goes to the team.

  • All Voting Participants receive compensation for coins spent by a product or service that allocates the project winner on exclusive terms.

* The team reserves the right to make adjustments

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