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Arcona SLAM engine

Arcona SLAM engine is a turnkey solution for precise placement of AR content and binding it to real geo locations with accuracy higher than GPS.

Arcona SLAM can be used as an add-on to the popular AR engines like ARKit and ARCore, but also provides its own AR tracking system for custom solutions.

Our system has two options for precise geo-localization:

1) correct transformation from the local device coordinate system to the world coordinate system (LWT) using only GPS and compass information;

2) LWT using our 3D maps with spatial anchors.

Our 3D maps are implemented as a set of independent spatial anchors; each anchor consists of visual and geometry elements. Such set of anchors is created from sampled data packages obtained by a mobile device with the standard sensor kit: camera, GPS, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope.

Map creation cost is scalable and depends on the anchor quality requirements; thus the map can be created on a powerful server, as well as on a mobile device, “in place”.

To solve localization tasks Arcona has a software set consists of the following components:

  • SLAM engine;cation to collect and transfer device sensor data;

  • SLAM engine;

  • LWT estimator;

  • spatial anchor creator;

  • perception unit to recognize the spatial anchors.

Comparison of Arcona with other AR/SLAM systems.





own SLAM engine

ArKit support

​ArCore support

​GPS/compass auto correction

visual relocalization

visual spatial anchor generation

place sampling datasets gathering

​remote content placement

​low-light odometry

low-light place recognition

​foggy air odometry

foggy air place recognition

weak devices support

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