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ARCONA token moved to Bancor V3

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

All $ARCONA liquidity providers on Bancor now have single-sided stacking and Instant impermanent loss protection from day one!

The long-awaited third version of the Bancor Network protocol has launched on the main network. It, according to the developers, puts DeFi's liquidity back in the hands of DAOs and their token holders, and thus ushers in a new era of DeFi.

Bancor Network V3 offers:

Unlimited Single-Sided Staking.

You can provide liquidity and generate income with a single token. No need to buy other assets and invest 50/50.

Instant Impermanent Loss Protection.

It ensures that if any market fluctuations occur, you get back the amount you entered the pool with. Insurance is now effective from the moment you place tokens, and you do not have to wait 100 days.

Auto-Compounding Rewards.

Income from trading commissions and rewards are accrued automatically, allowing you to place tokens and forget about stacking.

Lower gas fees.

The new Omnipool architecture allows you to process transactions in one transition instead of two, providing optimal trade routes. Omnipool also simplifies the protocol contract architecture to reduce gas costs for deposits and withdrawals.

Dual rewards coming soon!

Arcona XR Metaverse will open a liquidity support program on Bancor V3 in the near future. Then you will be able to receive rewards in both BNT tokens and $ARCONA.

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