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Arcona Weekly # 4

A new cycle of the game "Wheel of Fortune" started in the outgoing week.

Now tournaments are held only three times a week - on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in three playing zones at once. Macau, the Asian capital of the gambling business, has added to the geography of the draws.

New NFT Arcona entered the fight: not only treasure chests, but also the coats of arms of masters and barons became chips for bets.

And still, players who did not have enough land in the playing zones can take advantage of the hospitality of the owners of free lots and entrust their bets to the administration by sending a deposit to the team dealer's wallet.

And on Sunday we have the Jackpot. Good luck to the players!

Hilarious Osuwox avatars have settled on the digital lands of the Arcona Metaverse. This is a prime example of how the different parts of the blockchain-based global metaverse X-Reality come together.

All Osuvox characters are unique NFTs. They can travel between the worlds of AR / VR, where a variety of adventures, games and lotteries await them. And already in September we will hold several joint drawings with the Osuvox project so that you have your very cute avatar. Follow the announcements.

For our token holders, two new farms have opened on the Binance Smart Chain this week.

NFT Domains farm for PancakeSwap liquidity providers.

NFT Domain Farm for ARCONA Holders.

Place bids and earn your own domain in AR World

The Minter community unanimously voted to open the ARCONA token bridge between the Ethereum and MInter networks at a 1: 1 ratio. For the ARCONA / MUSD pool, the quorum was also reached, collecting 67.25% of the votes.

The team will prepare the opening of the bridge between the networks within a month.

Will AR ad revenues reach $ 6.7 billion by 2025? Analysts at AR Insider, an authoritative portal for XR technologies, are confident that this will be the case. Advertising is already considered one of the most profitable and popular directions of the AR industry. This year, according to experts from ARtillery Intelligence, it will bring about one and a half billion dollars, and the annual growth will exceed 37%.

So what is the reason for this profitability? First of all, the interest of brands in new immersive formats for product demonstrations. Now only creative solutions can interest a client who is tired of the abundance of advertising. In terms of formats, AR lenses are trending today as the best reason to take selfies for Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram, as well as virtual try-ons on everything from cosmetics to furniture and cars. In the short term - paid visual search. It is being actively implemented by Google, Snap and Pinterest. So soon we will receive a new dose of advertising, simply pointing the smartphone at any object or shop window.

But what AR advertising will look like in a couple of years is hard to imagine. So right now, you can come up with the most futuristic concepts and practice them in the Arcona Digital Lands. And perhaps by 2025 we will have a good share of the billions in profits predicted by experts.

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