How to get the Titular NFT Arcona XR Metaverse

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

It is a unique digital asset which includes:

A title symbol

  • The animated 3D model which can be placed on Digital lands of the owner or is sold for collecting or use in other projects. The title increases the face value of a chest with a treasury for application users.

A chest with treasury

  • The animated 3D model in which game coins of Arcona "are stored". They will be activated at installation of a chest on the site of the land owner and can be used for installation of content and payment of services of a system. Also game coins can be in the long term exchanged for Arcona tokens*.

The face value of chests will be announced in addition. For titled users it will be increased according to the multiplier.


  • increases the prize of the owner of a title with participation in a draw

  • increases the face value of receiving game coins when opening a chest.

The chest can open, both the owner, and users whom he wants to attract on the lands


How to get the Titular NFT token Arcona

  • Receive it as reward for participation in the liquidity pool farming. To receive a farm reward, you must hold liquidity on the farm for at least 10 consecutive days.

  • It can be purchased on OpenSea. Prices will be announced additionally. The sale of tokens will begin no earlier than April 17.

60% of funds from sold titular tokens during farming will be sent to the liquidity pool, 30% will begin to form a fund for future draws. The titles of Dragon and Herzog will not be put up for sale during the promotion.



Advantages of holders of Titular NFT Arcona tokens

Among the holders of Titular NFT tokens, the system will regularly hold ARCONA token draws.

Draw Terms

  • Everyone who places the Chest with the treasury in areas in the specified period of time will participate in the draws.

  • The prize pool will consist of the amount of ARCONA tokens received by the system for installing 3D models of chests and from funds from the sale of titular NFTs.

  • The winner will be determined at random. Title increases winnings according to multiplier

Special conditions

  • Those who didn't receive Titular NFT Arcona toke