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Updated: Mar 5

Arcona XR Metaverse provides 5 grants to support promising ideas in the field of tourism and invites you to take part in the AR project competition!

**Arcona XR Metaverse** offers **5 grants** to support promising ideas in the field of tourism and invites you to participate in the AR project competition!

The goal of the competition: to make tourism an exciting XR adventure

  • Increase duration of visit. Transform museum halls, urban art objects and architectural monuments into exciting XR adventures! Tourists will be able to immerse themselves in unknown worlds. They will extend their stay in the region and enjoy every moment of the trip.

  • Reconstruction without bricks, nails or permits. Forgotten historical monuments are waiting to be restored. You will no longer need any permissions to revive them. Thanks to augmented reality and the creativity of enthusiasts, these monuments will gain new life, attracting the interest of tourists and reviving interest in history and culture.

  • Redistribution of tourist flows. You will have the opportunity to redirect tourist flows on the fly, opening up new routes for travelers to the most unique corners of the country! In this way, you can revitalize entire regions, create new jobs and replenish local budgets.

The works of the contest participants will be evaluated by the Arсona Academy, which consists of active members of the AR community and the Arсona project team.

Contest projects in the field of AR will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Improved user experience: Projects must provide innovative ways to use AR content in the real world, increasing the attractiveness and appeal for users.

  • User engagement and loyalty: Creating a vibrant and dynamic community of AR content creators and consumers, and rewarding them with digital tokens.

  • Business Opportunities and Revenue Streams: Partnering with content providers, advertisers and sponsors. They will benefit from exposure to and access to the platform's large and diverse user base.

Five finalists of the contest will receive a grant to purchase digital land for their project, as well as consultation and support for 1 year.

Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2024.

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