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Arcona is the world we are building together with you. Any activity gives experience points to active community members.

Arcona awards users for new ideas and their implementation, for support and promotion in social networks, for winning competitions and participating in events.

Social activity in the Metaverse inevitably leads to reward!

Therefore, in the world of Arcona, the social experience you have accumulated will be called Karma.

What gives you the acquired Karma?

💎 Karma will affect the coefficient when exchanging silver for ARCONA.

💎 Karma can be exchanged for valuable Arcona NFTs in the Eva store.

💎 Among the karmic leaders, we will raffle valuable prizes!

Experience earned by Dragon Breeders can still be used in the Eva Store.

So, starting from May 18, for your social activity and participation in contests, we will accrue Karma in the same amount as experience points.

And to make Karma gather faster:

🔹 Participate in new contests.

🔹 recruit new hunters and dragon breeders

🔹 Participate in the Ambassador Program

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