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🔥 Black Friday at Arcona XR Metaverse!

🕰 The second part of the Earnings of the Arcona world project - "Castles and Dragons" will begin very soon! 👉 more details

🏰 Your castle in Arcona is your fortress, your home and your source of income in the augmented reality world.

👑 The nobles of the world of Arcona, who own land and domains, will have the right to build castles in their domains and receive dividends.

🎩 Before the Big Game kicks off, we're announcing Black Friday at Arcona XR Metaverse!

📯 Only from November 26 to November 28, there will be global discounts on all key NFT assets of the World of Arcona

🏃‍♂️ You only have three days to get ready for Black Friday before the start of Play-to-Earn - “Castles and Dragons on the most favorable terms!

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