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Updated: Jan 16


An important update launches significant elements of Castles and Dragons, the GameFi project of the Arcona X-Reality metaverse.

You can teleport to the castle and challenge duel them to crack treasury and win coins or just look inside as a tourist

Castles of noble lords received a set of basic game characteristics: HP, Damage, Chance. A detachment of mercenaries with field guns* has been temporarily assigned to each of the towers of the castle.

In some castles, squads of mercenaries occupy the second and third levels of the towers, increasing Сastles firepower. Table of the main characteristics of the castles of noble lords.

You can teleport to the castles and challenge them to a duel, or visit as a tourist and even look inside the castle. A teleport that sends you to a random castle drops out when you click the “Axe” icon on the content management sphere.

SKIP button - allows you to teleport to another castle until you challenge the castle garrison to a duel by placing fighters in the arena.

After being challenged for a duel, SKIP allowing you to skip the reload animation of a combat unit. The SKIP button is available for premium account holders.

Warning! In the current version of the duel rules, the duel rate is 5% of the castle's silver treasury. The attacker will either win or lose this amount to the castle. Do not risk in vain, do not go all-in if you are not confident in your abilities**.

We expect staking functionality to be enabled in castles within 72 hours. The first phase - public staking tests, will take about 7 days, after which the system of exchanging silver for gold and ARCONA tokens will be activated.

After public staking tests are completed, castles that are not activated by users will stop silver mining and the garrison will stop protecting the treasury.


* In about a month, mercenaries will leave castles in the care of their owners, after activating the mode of placing combat units in castles and ships.

** If you attack the dragon's castle with mercenaries, you can lose tens of millions of silver from your balance. For example: you attack a castle, 5% of the treasury of which is equal to 10 million silver. If you win, they will be added to your balance, if you lose, they will be written off.

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