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China Appreciated the Digital Lands

Arcona XR Metaverse took part in Innovation China International Roadshow in Xi'an. Only five foreign companies from England and Russia were invited to the meeting to discuss the possibilities of joint development of key technological trends in the digital economy and the creation of smart cities.

Today Xi'an claims the title of the world capital of high technology, and its economy remains the fastest growing in China. Tens of thousands of high-tech companies are already working here, which are engaged in electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy. The city with a population of about 6 million has become the site for a pilot project for the massive introduction of the digital yuan.

However, Xi'an understands that it is difficult to implement bold ideas on their own. This process is much more effective in international cooperation. And the experience of Arcona XR Metaverse in AR visualization of various social and business projects turned out to be new and very interesting for the meeting participants. We are confident that many truly impressive solutions from Chinese partners will soon appear on the Digital Lands.

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