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Did hackers steal NTF from the Metaverse?

🔥 According to reliable sources, the participants of the Blockchain Hunter contest on PHDays managed to complete the task and open contracts with NFTs

☝️ Recall that the participants of the challenge hacked NFT art objects hosted in the Arcona XR Metaverse. Our Soul Tree live showed the disappearance of paintings from the galleries on its branches.

🎁 All NFTs have acquired new owners, and on the branches of the tree, the pictures have been replaced with the PHDays logo

😛 As you know, in our Metaverse, we can place any NFT that is in users' wallets remotely anywhere in the world, but we do not store or manage your assets.

👩🏻‍💻 This means that hackers took the NFT from the address of the Blockchain Hunter contest, and we showed this process in real time.

🔥 #devnews In anticipation of the launch of Castles and Dragons, we are pleased to announce that in this project we have worked out a scheme for dynamically updating content and creating a single 3D object from several NFTs.

🥳 This means that after the start of the project you will be able to fill your NFT castles with all the necessary game units

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