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🔥 Dragon has broken the NFT sales record in the Arcona metaverse!

🏰 An anonymous resident of Moscow bought an exclusive set of the title, domain and the Dragon's castle, as well as the territory in the center of the capital of the Russian Federation.

👑 The buyer is about to establish his own kingdom in the cyberspace of the largest city on the continent.

♨️ Arcona is preparing to launch the Play2Earn project "Castles and Dragons" in AR MMORPG format.

😎 Arcona XR Metaverse is the first global massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game in the world of augmented reality

🏯 "Castles and Dragons" is a project with the functionality of staking, farming, asset exchange, and the development of a P2P economy within the augmented reality world.

🎩 The size of the assets generated by the players in the gaming space of the augmented reality world will depend on the size, infrastructure and attendance of the digital holdings of the players in the real world.

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