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Farming NFT Magic pouch in the BSC network!

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Liquidity providers in the LP-Cake (ARCONA/ETH) BSC pool will be rewarded with the new NFT Magic Pouch!

The NFT Magic pouch (bsc) is a magic pouch that can be exchanged for a variety of Arcona ecosystem NFTs.

Stacking value for the 120pc redemption. NFT Magic pouch x100 is equivalent to $1000 and is subject to change depending on the exchange rate.

Keep your funds in the liquidity pool for 30 days to receive a reward in the form of an NFT Magic pouch.

The amount of LP-Cake you steak directly affects the speed of NFT mining. The more LP-Cake tokens you steak, the faster the NFT are mined and vice versa.

After collecting a certain amount of Magic pouch, you can exchange for NFT networks ETH and BSC at the rate in the table.

The number of NFTs available for redemption is limited by the table below

Exchange NFT for Magic pouch is possible on request in the Telegram channel.

LP-Cake purchase instructions (ARCONA/ETH)

1. Go to ARCONA/ETH pool on Pancake

2. Select the Liquidity tab.

Click on the Add Liquidity button.

4. Allow access to the wallet balance

5. Specify the volume of added liquidity in tokens

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