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First collaborative project at Arcona XR Metaverse

Arcona is an augmented reality metauniverse created for the co-creation of technology enthusiasts who will revolutionize the world in the near future.

Our goal is to offer convenient and simple tools to implement your ideas, help you discover your talents and make money from your creativity in the digital space.

New opportunities appear in the lands of Arkon every day. You can already create content that will be in demand by our landowners, treasure hunters, simply travelers between the worlds of the cyber universe.

We will promote most interesting work in promotions, exhibitions and art festivals in Arcona so that all the inhabitants of the metaverse can appreciate the skill of the artists.

Today we present to you a piece that can serve as an example of how the spirit of the Arcona world works. This is a collaborative project between Russian digital artist @aranlie and Spanish 3D artist @ Adrián G. This work will be part of our Treasure Hunt next month.

A word to the artist!

Hello everyone I'm Aranlie! I am a digital artist and beginning NFTs creator.

For over half a year I've been monitoring the development of Arcona project which, in my opinion,has great potential. The team surprised me with it's enthusiasm, very cool ideas and friendly feedback.

I wanted to put something of myself into this ambitious project as well so I decided to show everyone my vision of Eva,the mascot of Arcona.

My brainchild was very well received by community which gave me an idea to make that art in 3D and place it into digital world.

Adrián G. kindly agreed to help me.He did a great job creating the 3D model and I very appreciate it. Adrián and I made my idea real and I became one of the first Arcona Metaverse artists.

I look forward to cooperation with the Arcona team in future as well!

You can support artists:

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