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For Arcona ambassadors: How to make money in the Arcona Metaverse

Arcona isn't just an entertaining AR app with fun content and Play2Earn games. We build a whole world where people can implement the most daring creative ideas, earn on their skills, and launch global business projects.

Experts are prophesying total job cuts in various areas of the economy around the world. But many of us have been involved in virtual worlds since childhood, where we learn skills when playing, including how to create and trade 3D items.

In the Arcona metaverse all these skills will come in handy! The fusion of real and digital worlds is inevitable. In Augmented Reality World, you can really benefit from the skills you acquire in virtual gaming spaces. This will bring back the opportunity for millions of people to earn in a real world that is far more populated than any of the virtual universes.

Today AR technology can be used in practically every sphere of life, from hair dressing and placing a digital model of furniture in a real interior, to medicine, education, logistics... it's probably easier to list the areas where augmented reality hasn't been applied yet. AR is already everywhere - from astronautics to computer games. Arcona allows you to combine a variety of projects on one site, and make them cheaper and easier to implement.

Not only professionals, but also novice enthusiasts can start their businesses in Arcona. They get a chance to test their strengths with minimal investment, while gaining the attention of a wide audience. Our team and the Arcona community, which includes a variety of specialists, can help implement almost any idea.

Play2Earn at Arcona

The Arcona metaverse is rolling out a global Gold Rush game in Play2Earn format.

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a relatively new genre of games where users can earn real cryptocurrency and NFT tokens through their gaming activity. Blockchain guarantees the security of owning tokens and item collections, helping to create a working digital economy.

The first stage of Gold Rush is the Treasure Hunt game. It's a very simple quest: install the Arcona XR Metaverse app and go on an augmented reality hunt for treasure chests and various lootboxes. Each chest hides a different amount of silver coins, which can be exchanged for ARCONA tokens in Ethereum, BSC, Minter networks - at the rate at the moment of exchange. Or silver can be used for in-game purchases.

There are regular team competitions among hunters - Dragon Tournaments.

The next stage of Gold Rush is an exciting AR game in Play2Earn format Castles and Dragons. Its concept combines revenue farming in an AR world and gamification with NFT support.

The Arcona app takes you to a parallel world where medieval castles grow up against modern landscapes. They are guarded by fire-breathing dragons and other fabulous creatures.

You can become the owner of the castle, equip it and accumulate wealth. Each castle has a treasury, which brings its owner a regular income.

But there are robbers and fantastic creatures in this world that want to take over your castle. So you have to bravely defend your possessions.

In Castles of Arcona you can become the dashing robber and raid rich fortresses, collecting the deserved tribute from the defeated landlords.

Finally, you can join the Free Stonemasons guild to build the most beautiful castles in the Arcona world and help defend them.

All castles, characters and paraphernalia of the game are designed as NFT standard ERC-1155. Ownership rights to them, as well as copyrights, are securely protected. All these tokens can be sold on any NFT marketplaces and used in other blockchain projects without loss of value.

Arcona XR Metaverse is first of all a platform for launching your own AR projects of any complexity. This means that our users can build their own castles, open stores, arrange AR shows, supplementing the storyline of the game and making it more interesting for people from different countries.

Your business in Arcona

What kind of business can I open in the Digital Land? Just about anything. Artists can arrange their exhibitions in AR mode and sell content to other users. Residents of the Arcona world, who deploy an AR project on their lands, always need interesting characters, buildings and details of the landscape.

Digital advertising and marketing is one of the most demanded and popular areas of business today. Exactly here the opportunities of augmented reality are practically limitless: advertising AR shows, interactive displays of goods and services or game tasks with bonuses and prizes for the participants. Amid the pandemic, augmented reality has proven incredibly effective in retail. And, of course, multiplayer AR games with geo-referenced content that can be deployed simultaneously all over the planet.

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