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Surprise for Christmas and New Year were prepared by the developers of the Arcona X-Reality World. Purchasing the Digital Land is made possible by clicking on the world map. This event is marked by a big Christmas sale.

The cost of land for the duration of the promotion has been reduced 10 times, from 5000 to 500 ARCONA or less $ 5 at the current exchange rate. Own and master new territories anywhere in the world.

For beginners, this is a good opportunity for a minimal price to acquire their own plots both near the house and anywhere in the world. Try yourself as a landowner, explorer or wizard from a parallel universe.

Here's a free idea for Christmas. Take advantage of the ready-made content opportunity. A few clicks of the mouse will create a Christmas fairy tale on your land. Make your friends and loved ones happy with New Year's wonders.

For our tycoons, this is a great opportunity to seriously expand their possessions and prepare for the arrival of a large number of users in the World.

Buying Digital Earth is a process to create an NFT token. First, you need to log in to the portal. You must install and connect to our website MetaMask - a browser plugin (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) for fast and secure payments and transfers of Ethereum and tokens.

Using the map of world, you need to scale it to the desired location until you see the grid of hexagons. Each hexagon is a 100 square meter plot of digital land, ready for installation. You need to click on it and then follow the prompts that appear in front of you.

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