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Arcona   future plans
Arcona - Future Plans

As we reach the midpoint of 2024, the team is transitioning to a new phase in metaverse development. We intend to summarize the results of the first half of the year and announce future plans.

Arcona was shortlisted for the AWE Auggie Awards 2024, becoming a nominee for the X-Reality Oscar, which is recognition by experts and society of the achievements of the first planetary AR metaverse.

The meta-reality ecosystem has been tailored for the mass market to attract users who are not familiar with WEB 3.0 and cryptocurrencies. This has made it possible to prepare for the launch of two new projects, "Bosporan Kingdom" and "Cities of Metareality".

A deep modification of the portal was carried out and functions were added for the convenience of working with GameFi projects, a deep reworking of the stacking system and rewards for silver mining was carried out.

The team regularly conducts significant updates to ArconaCore's remote positioning technology, including updates to the augmented reality scanner and debugging the quality of data sets, as well as sending data to a server to create a 3D map of an anchor cloud and debugging anchor recognition in real-world landscapes.

At the moment, we have completed work on the investment proposal and plan to open a new round of investments in August.

Negotiations are underway with investment funds and some IT corporations. If successful, we will notify you about the results. XR Market Development: Bridging the Gap of Disappointment

The augmented reality (XR) market is currently in the early stages of the "Enlightenment Slope" on the Gartner curve.

After a period of excitement and disappointment, XR technologies are beginning to find their place, mistakes are being corrected, and innovation continues to develop.

The global XR market is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years. This growth is particularly focused on XR innovations in countries such as the United States, Japan, China, and Europe.

According to analysts, all the necessary ingredients are in place for the next phase of consumer growth. They expect increased demand for interactive extended reality (XR) entertainment, including shows, concerts, sporting events, and games.

However, one of the main challenges of the XR world is to educate a wider audience. It is important to make the entry barrier lower and solve scaling issues.

To solve these problems, Arcona was launched in 2018 - the first AR metaverse on the planet, created based on the experience and unique knowledge of the team working on AR projects since 2013.

The concept of the Metaverse allows users to expand it on their own, to fill the metareality with author's content without having to have programming skills or invest in technology and infrastructure.

Voting by the community on the future of meta-reality!

Vote for future plans
Vote for future plans

Arcona is developing the Metareality ecosystem by investing in C2C (customer-to-customer) economics and providing users with cases to create their own projects in various fields, such as games, education, retail, tourism, and others. The current state of the XR market demands special attention to understanding the moods and preferences of the target audience in order to guide the future direction of metareality.

To solve this issue, the team redesigned the roadmap into an information board that provides information about the status and progress of the work. In this format, the community can vote quarterly to support areas they consider to be priorities.

A separate wallet is assigned to each direction, and the dashboard displays the number of ARCONA tokens received as well as the minimum target amount required for development for the quarter. According to the results of voting, the team will invest the funds received into the development of a priority area. The tokens sent for voting will be refunded to users in Arcona Gold at the current market rate +20% to participants. The dynamics of token circulation Since 2020, the Arcona team has adhered to the target issue of 15 million ARCONA tokens in total turnover for all networks. The team has always used with reasonable care the right to temporarily exceed the issue by investing in community rewards, advertising and development, with the obligation to burn excess tokens. At the moment, more than a million ARCONA tokens have been burned and the sending of the second million coins to the furnace has been agreed.

By investing in GameFi projects, the team provides Win-Win strategies for the community, which will lead to an increase in the value of ARCONA coins. 

The activity of players who use stacking to yield swap levels in ARCONA creates a demand for the token and contributes to its scarcity, ultimately increasing the coin's value.

We all want to achieve this remarkable result, which will affect the growth of the economy of the metaverse. To do this, metareality community must be interesting in attract more players, step up advertising efforts and complete the development of the most important elements of the gaming ecosystem.

In this context, the team announces the fundamental possibility of additional token issuance and a temporary surplus of the circulating supply of 3 million ARCONA tokens over the next 2-3 years. New coin releases will occur exclusively to finance development, marketing, listing on exchanges (CEX), and rewarding GameFi players in projects like Castles and Dragons and Gold Rush.

The decision to issue new tokens will be based on the activity of C2C market participants and the revenue generated from land sales, gaming assets, and services. Whenever possible, the project team will reduce the excess of tokens by burning them, continuing to work towards achieving a total circulating supply of 15 million tokens in all networks.

Investors interested in acquiring a substantial amount of ARCONA can reach out to our team with purchase offers after reviewing the terms and minimum requirements outlined in the investment presentation

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