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Updated: Jan 10

Invite new treasure hunters to the world of augmented reality and get a share of their loot!

Special conditions from 1 to 31 May

During the Headhunting Season from May 1 to May 31, for hunters who recruit a team of recruits - special conditions:

  • 1 to 5 recruits, reward 10% of their silver collection;

  • 6 to 10 recruits, reward 20% of their silver collection;

  • more than 10 recruits, reward 30% of their silver collection;

Rewards are issued in Arcona tokens immediately after the first exchange of silver by your recruits.

The first exchange can be made within a month from the moment of clicking on your link.

Special exchange conditions for beginners

For novice hunters, a simplified silver exchange system is introduced for the period of the program:

You can exchange 1 million silver without exchange cards!

To exchange in the bot, you must enter the command /…

When your recruits become professional treasure hunters, they switch to the standard exchange scheme

BUT you continue to receive your bonuses from their fees for another whole year!

  • Gathered a team of up to 5 people - 5%

  • Gathered a team of up to 10 people - 10%

  • Those who gathered a team of more than 10 people - 15%

To get a referral link, use the /ref command at official telegram chat

We wish you successful hunting!

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