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Arcona has long been famous for providing the inhabitants of the metareality with many opportunities to make money from activityes.

how we earn the gold of the metaverse
Earn the gold of the metaverse!

Let's figure out how we mine the gold of the metaverse?

✅ Passively - slowly moving our fins we transfer coins from Ether to BSK along the Golden Bridge for Gold as reward.

✅ Moving slightly and moving our tail a little, we pour coins from the Minter network into Gold.

✅ With a little tension, we invite a couple more fish and excitedly play in daily tournaments: the more participants, the more Gold the winners of the day win

✅ Active - soaring above the waves, we fight several times a week and win a decent amount in the grand prix of the tournament. More players - bigger prize

✅ Superhuman efforts - we fill, protect and store the treasuries of castles, and melt the mined silver into Gold or $ARCONA coins

✅ You can also collect silver in chests while by walks through reality, but this, of course, is beyond good and evil.

The economy of the Arcona metaverse is based on the pair Gold - Arсona Token.

Gold is the internal currency in the world of Arcona, used to purchase goods, services, including those that help mine silver.

Silver is the main resource in the Metaverse. The amount of silver on a user’s balance depends on his activity and the size of his assets.

😎 And finally, the main feature of silver is that it can be exchanged for Gold or $ARCONA tokens.

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