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How to buy ARCONA profitably, protect from loss on the rates, and no feeding arbitrage bots

To buy ARCONA tokens really profitably, use DEX aggregators like 1inch. They themselves find the best exchange rates on different DEXs, and most importantly, they protect you from losses on the rates.

For example, let's compare purchases on 1inch and the Uniswap exchange. So, we buy tokens for 5 ETH.

At Uniswap for this amount we get a little more than 80 thousand ARCONA, for 1inch we buy 109 thousand tokens. And the larger the purchase amount, the more noticeable the difference will be.

Why it happens? The main reason is the loss due to the difference in exchange rates, which on average can reach from 5% to 50% and even higher.

The largest liquidity of ARCONA is now concentrated in Bancor (~ 90% of the total liquidity), therefore, in theory, it is more profitable to buy on this DEX.

But so far the volume of purchases there is less than on Uniswap. And here for 5 ETH we can buy about 109 thousand ARCONA tokens.

Unlike standard exchanges, 1inch receives liquidity from different DEXs at the same time. When you use 1inch, the protocol starts looking at which exchange has the required pair, volume and best price.

A purchase can be made through one DEX or it can be distributed among several sites, in our case, Uniswap and Bancor.

This is how the aggregator selects the most successful exchange routes and automatically optimizes your transactions.

Using 1inch, you do not lose extra tokens from buying / selling, which would otherwise be taken by the arbitration bot. This knowledge will help you to significantly reduce your purchase cost.

Try the 1inch exchange and share your experience.

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