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How to raise a fighting dragon?

The world of Arcona is home to many dragons - brave and noble, treacherous and fierce. They are all very different, but incredibly cute! Would you like to take one of them as a foster?

Join a game of Tamagotchi in the EVA bot!

To start the game, simply enter the command /getdragon in the EVA bot

First, give your new pet a name by typing /changename *name*.

If your dragon doesn't like the name - they can be quite capricious - you can change it at any time by repeating the same command.

As in nature, dragons in Arcona appear from eggs. So at the beginning of the game you get the egg. Keep in mind, its color is completely random and does not affect the rarity and character of your pup. You can find out the status of the dragon chick using the button Update. In 15 minutes the egg is cracked and in another 15 minutes you will meet your dragon cub.

Like any pet, the Arcona dragon is a joy to the eye, but requires love and care in return. He needs to be fed, watered and energized. You can do this with the Feed and Drink buttons. Use them more often, otherwise your dragon will suffer, and maybe even die, if his thirst and satiety drops to 0%. Also he has to rest in time - send the dragon to sleep by pressing Go to sleep button. If he has little energy, the quiet hour may be prolonged...

To monitor the health and mood of your dragon, use /mydragon.


Careless owners who lose their dragon may not get a new one for 48 hours!

Finally, a mature dragon must fight for its master's honor.

You can send it into a duel using the Fight button.

This is a brand new mechanic and is currently in beta test. If you have any problems, immediately write to the chat:

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