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Updated: May 30


The project CITIES OF METAREALITY goal is to create and monetize a unique urban metareality layer enriched with digital content that will attract tourists and help increase the income of the city's treasury.

Increase the duration of the trip. Turn museum halls, urban art objects and architectural monuments into exciting XR adventures! Tourists will be able to immerse themselves in unexplored worlds, as well as participate in interactive quests and flash mobs. They will extend their stay in the region, enjoying every moment of their trip.

Without bricks, nails, and approvals, in the meta-reality you will not need any local government coordination. With a couple of clicks on the city map, you can complement physical attractions with reconstructions of historical buildings, futuristic projects, exhibition halls, revived urban art objects, advertising spaces, and shops.

The turn of tourist flows. You will have the opportunity to redirect tourist traffic on the fly, discovering new routes for travelers to the most unique parts of the country! This way, you can revitalize entire regions, create new jobs and replenish local economies.

Income can come from the sale of access to digital content for tourists, fees for joining a loyalty program, the sale and rental of digital land parcels, as well as the sale of advertising space and product placement in metareality routes.

Mayor a City of Metareality
Mayor a City of Metareality

How do become the mayor a City of Metareality? The position of mayor of the meta-city is delegated by the Arcona team on a competitive basis. All assets of the meta-city, including attractions and land plots, will be transferred under the control of the virtual mayor to achieve monetization goals.

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sob adiet
sob adiet
14 jun

Along with engaging in dordle interactive missions and flash mobs, visitors will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in uncharted territories. They intend to prolong their visit, relishing every second of their journey.

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