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Introducing the Arcona Metaverse Grand Masters.

These are evangelists of a new reality who expand the limits of the metaverse, attract new followers, create alliances with other worlds, invest time, energy and faith in the project!

The title of Grand Master is a special recognition and reward for ladies and gentlemen for their invaluable contribution to the development of the Arcona X-Reality metaverse.

The Grand Master's Coat of Arms is an absolutely unique NFT that cannot be bought or farm. This symbol is awarded solely for a special contribution to the development of the project.

Each Grand Master can become the head of his own sovereign order of paladins and has the status of Viceroy of Arcona in the domains of his Order.

The title of Grand Master will grant you exclusive access to the premium assets of the Metaverse and the power to make decisions alongside the high council of Arcona.

You will be able to link this award and title to your online account and host the 3D model on your AR domain for display to people in the real world.

Introducing the Arcona Metaverse Grandmasters:

sir Sergey B

sir @ChannelOMA

sir @Egor_Shreder

sir Anonimus

sir @krimon

sir @mister_bobby

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