Introducing the NFT Collection - Artillery.

Updated: Sep 11

Before the Metaverse update, we are announcing collections of game units for the Play-2-Earn of the "Castles and Dragons" project.

The NFT Collection - Gunners .

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Three classes of weapons: mortars, howitzers and field guns.

To protect their possessions, players will have to recruit and train units of mercenaries, regular troops or the royal guard.

Train troops and lead armies into battles personally or using the world map.

Attack castles, get silver, gold, valuable artifacts and increase fees in your possessions.

For training, we are introducing system locks into the game, by attacking which you can level up your fighters and earn silver, gold, artifacts and dragon eggs.

We reveal the details of one of the updates: soon, in the World of Arcona, you will be able to increase the viewing radius beyond the limits of one hexagon and then the battle will begin! WHY DO YOU NEED GAME UNITS?

To attack and defend castles


By cracking the treasury of the system castles, you will receive up to 10 million silver. Activists, as always, will be able to get fabulous profits by training gunners and attacking system locks in the next couple of months.


By breaking into the treasury of Landlord Castle, you can get some of the silver mined in the castle.