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In the AR metaverse, you can be the boss of your digital life!

Metaverse does resemble the Wild West
Digital Wild West

Hello guys, well, before you start spending time advising teams that are developing metaverses, ask yourselves an interesting question: Are you involved in your own digital real estate, or are you just waiting for someone else's prices to go up?"

Metaverse in Augmented Reality does resemble the Wild West in some ways. When you purchase a piece of cyberspace on the surface of a real-world planet, you essentially buy a vacant lot.

The value of your land is likely to increase if you add value to it.

Don't understanding? Well, let's try another approach. So, what does your digital land look like?

Metaverse does resemble the Wild West
Metaverse the Wild West

Yeah, man, I see you get it. It's a 3D internet site linked to specific geographic coordinates. In other words, attracting traffic from people interested in that specific location in Metareality will help increase your land's value.

OK guys, yeah, blame us, but we based our metaverse on our own experience, because our first AR project in 2014 attracted about 200K visitors annually to a town with only 3K inhabitants.

But guys... meeting all of you, we realized that only about 0.1% of people in every metaverse are truly creative and want to do something for themselves. So, we decided to launch "Castles With Dragons".

Yeah, it's like kindergarten because the aim of the project was to provide landowners with pre-made content and through game maximize their digital space's potential.

Metaverse does resemble the Wild West
Metaverse the Wild West

To facilitate this, the team created a metaverse economy that allows users to benefit and increase the value of their assets like coins and land.

So, welcome to the metareality of making money.

Yet, if some crypto-dreamers prefer to reign with advice—what was earlier translated as ‘Soviets’🤣—rather than with digital lands, let them create their own ‘Soviet Country,’ and we’ll see how that pans out

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