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Updated: May 14

Before the next Arcona metaverse update, we are sharing with you some of the details about the Castles and Dragons project.

First of all, you will dive into a fantastic universe where magic and technology merge and connect with each other.

Here, the steampunk world of steampunk technology with steam engines, balloons and machinery from the Victorian era collides with the magic of the Middle Ages, where magical creatures rule and fantastic animals and plants live.

The project is developing rapidly and we are ready to tell you about the new game units that will appear in the near future!


Dragons are one of two types of new avatars. In the Castles and Dragons project, they will represent players who stand on the side of the magical world.

For those players, the little dragon avatar will replace our old low-poly fox friend as a pet in the application*.

The dragon will accompany you in the game, and in case of danger, it will immediately grow in size and you will be able to attack the enemy in its combat incarnation.

Your battle dragon needs education and training to become a fierce fighter. And most importantly, it must feel loved so you will need lots of gifts. To do this, you will need a castle with a treasury full of treasure that these flying intelligent lizards love so much.


And now, a bit of romance! For new dragons to be born, two players will have to meet in an augmented reality world.

Two dragons - male and female - accompanied by their human masters must land and see each other under the shadow of the Soul Tree.

If the dragons like each other, the female dragon will lay one, less often two or three dragon eggs.

Young baby dragons will be born with randomly inherited traits from their parents' genomes.


Each tree is not only a meeting place where fantastic creatures breed, but also a magical farm for incubating dragon and wyvern eggs. The older the tree, the more eggs can be laid under its canopy.

To plant a tree*, you need one piece of Digital Land. The Soul Tree can also multiply. If you grow an entire grove of 6 trees, flying flowers will appear in the center of the grove. Your task is to collect them within a few days.

The grove can be planted remotely, alone or with friends. But to collect the flowers, you will have to do it in person. Therefore, carefully choose your planting site.


*After reaching the premium account level 2, players will be able to plant trees. After level 3, they will also have access to the dragon avatar.


Wyverns are similar to dragons, but while dragons are solitary creatures, wyverns live in packs. They form a pride like lions consisting of one dominant male and several females. The stronger the male, the more females he will attract to his harem.

The level of an individual wyvern depends on the type or quality of selection when crossing different types of wyverns.

Wyverns come in three sizes and three main types:

When breeding wyverns, it makes sense to cross different types so that the offspring are more diverse and have all the necessary fighting qualities.

To breed wyverns, you will also need a Soul Tree - one tree for one pride. Female wyverns lay only one egg. For incubation, the eggs are hung from the branches of the Soul Tree.

The time when the baby wyverns will be born depends on the breed or the quality of the selection.

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1 Comment

Sep 24, 2022

An excellent continuation of P2E's development of Castles and Dragons. Legendary and mythical creatures, the Middle Ages, digital titles, sieges of castles, these will all unfold in the digital lands of Arсona. A world full of different creatures and full of events. And no one forgets about the partners, for example, the Tree of Soul gained special properties. In the earliest Chronicles of Arсona you could win the tree for participating in events, gaining the maximum number of experience points, as well as randomly in the Wheel of Fortune. So everything is interconnected here, and there's no such thing as items and artifacts not being used in the future. Everything has a purpose and each NFT has a role t…

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