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New features of December: castles and domains on the Arcona World map

Towards the end of the year, many interesting and very useful changes happened in the Arcona world.

First of all, completely updated the World map on the Arcona portal.

Landowners can now see what content is contained on each of their plots. In the near future, the color scheme of land plots will be updated, and the map will reflect the lands, domains, and castles of all the inhabitants of the Metacommunity.

You can combine into domains lands with a common border directly on the map. This feature is necessary not only for the owners of castles, but also for anyone who wants to deploy their own AR projects in the Digital Territories.

Players can already set up their castles on the united lands. The process is very simple and requires literally one click on a land plot.

See how to do it

Attention to all participants of the "Castles and Dragons" project!

To continue mining silver, assemble your lands into domains and install locks in them according to the instructions. If you have any questions - refer to our Telegram chat

And finally, introduces a premium subscription to gain access to a number of exclusive features.

What tricks are waiting for us in the near future?

  • Unification and installation of in-game units

  • Installation of custom content

  • Rental of system lands and domains.

  • Stacking to run a cycle of silver mining

  • Silver exchange for ARCONA tokens

  • Exchanging silver for ARCONA Gold .

  • Opening Marketplace for P2P trading.

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