On April 9, the second farm 2.0 will be launched

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

On April 9, the second farm will be launched at the Arcona XR Metaverse.

FARM 2.0

How to farm your Domain NFTs

The Arcona 2.0 farm will work for 3 months, during which 265,000 ARCONA will be distributed among the participants of the action.

We would like to thank the Arcona community for co-financing the increased reward pool for liquidity providers.

As with the first farm currently in operation, liquidity providers will receive unique #NFTs in addition to ARCONA tokens

As you all already know, the creators of Arcona come from the world of AR archeology. Many of you liked and found it funny our predisposition to various archaic things like aristocratic titles and coant of arms. Therefore, we continue in the same spirit.

Arcona is the only metaverse where you can become an aristocrat by adding a title of nobility to your name, and quickly upgrade your status by gaining an NFT with the land of your future Domains.

So, minting new tokens will give you the opportunity to purchase special plots of land for your title and coat of arms, which will become the core of your possessions in the digital universe.

Each Domain NFT can be exchanged for a group of lands united by a common border anywhere in the world. The Domain token value corresponds to the number of lands that make up the core of your possession.